How to Defeat a Boston Dynamics Robot in Mortal Combat

How to Defeat a Boston Dynamics Robot in Mortal Combat

On Twitter, @LenKusov pointed out some highlights from the manual, starting with the removable lithium-ion battery pack. (A lot of what you need to know is in the battery section of the manual.) They theorize that if you can flip the thing on its back or otherwise reach its underbelly, you could grab the battery pack’s handle and pull it out, disabling the robot. The whole thread reads like directions for taking out a machine in Horizon Zero Dawn, but that’s just the world we’re living these days.

“PSA: if you or someone nearby are being brutalized by a police Spot robot and can get a hand or something underneath, grab this handle and yank it forward,” LenKusov wrote. “This releases the battery, instantly disabling the robot. Keep your hands away from joints, Spot WILL crush your fingers.”