NYT Fails to Examine Its Participation in Brazil’s ‘Biggest Judicial Scandal’

The Brazilian Supreme Court on March 8 dismissed all charges against former President Luis Inacio “Lula” da Silva made during the Lava Jato investigation, a little over a month after the investigation was officially ended. The termination came shortly after the Supreme Court admitted 6 terabytes of leaked Telegram chats between public prosecutors and judges as evidence in the case.

NYT Fails to Examine Its Participation in Brazil’s ‘Biggest Judicial Scandal’

Why Biden supports the unionization of the Amazon workforce

Why Biden supports the unionization of the Amazon workforce

First, the ruling class confronts an unprecedented crisis, which has been enormously intensified by the pandemic. As a result of the refusal of the ruling class to take the necessary measures to save lives, nearly 530,000 people have died from COVID-19 over the past year. The impact of mass death, combined with the disastrous social and economic situation, is having a profoundly radicalizing impact on the consciousness of workers and youth.

Second, the international situation is no less concerning to the ruling class, which is determined to maintain its global hegemonic position through the use of military force. The Biden administration is carrying out an increasingly confrontational policy toward Russia and, in particular, China. The logic of this policy leads to war. In the event of a major “great power conflict,” the pro-capitalist unions will be critical in promoting national chauvinism and suppressing the class struggle. War abroad requires a disciplined “labor movement” at home.

The strategy Biden is pursuing is known as corporatism—that is, the integration of the government with the corporations and the unions on the basis of a defense of the capitalist system. In 1938, Trotsky drew attention to this tendency when he wrote, in the founding document of the Fourth International, “In periods of acute class struggle, the leading bodies of the trade unions aim to become masters of the mass movement in order to render it harmless… In time of war or revolution, when the bourgeoisie is plunged into exceptional difficulties, trade union leaders usually become bourgeois ministers.”

At its most fundamental level, the promotion of the unions by the ruling class is aimed at quarantining workers from socialism. The overriding fear of the ruling class is that the objective radicalization of the working class, intensified by the pandemic, will acquire a socialist leadership and political program. It is this fear that is behind Biden’s extraordinary intervention at Amazon.

Operation Hidden Treasure Is Here. If You Have Unreported Crypto, Get Legal Advice

Yes, you read that right. Do not talk to your accountant about past compliance mistakes. You do not share the attorney-client privilege with your accountant. Your accountant may be asked to testify against you, may be forced to testify against you in court, or may be forced to share information about you with investigators. Only an attorney can have confidential communications with you that will remain protected from disclosure by the attorney-client privilege. I’ve encountered several situations in my career as a criminal and civil tax defense lawyer where the accountant was put in an extremely difficult position because the client later “confessed” to something that he or she did wrong, or – even worse – told the accountant half the truth about the problem, and half a lie. Taxpayers can’t confess crimes to their accountant and keep that secret, because the accountant isn’t able to prevent the government from compelling documents or testimony about those communications.

Cuba: 250 million dollars in two decades to manufacture the Cuban “dissidence”

Subversion against Cuba is still ongoing from the United States. It was expected that the extreme and cruel sanctions terrorism under Trump would end as Biden was vice President under Obama who timidly reduced the generations long repression of the small Cuban island…but it seems the new ‘Democratic’ regime is just as bad.

Cuba – 250 million dollars in two decades to manufacture the Cuban “dissidence”