China playing the long game in the Middle East

China playing the long game in the Middle East

2 thoughts on “China playing the long game in the Middle East

  1. Erdogan, and Turkey, are hard for me to figure out. Some insist that he’s involved with the Uygurs and some insist that he isn’t. It’s the same in Northern Syria against the PKK/YPG aka Kurds.

    During the Bush Jr years, Washington DC was using Fetullah Gulen, a Turkish-American, to get Turkey involved with the Uygurs.

    In 2016, Erdogan accused Fetullah Gulen, and the CIA, of attempting a coup.

    Today, Turkey and Russia are joint patrolling in Northern Syria, against the YPG, but some people say that it’s only Turkey and the US being the bad guys. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    According to Turkey, the PKK/YPG are terrorists.

    What I do know is that the US is trying to break up Syria, Turkey, and Iran to create a Greater Kurdistan:


  2. This is the part of geopolitics that I don’t comprehend …

    From Part I:

    “Erdogan also voiced Turkey’s appreciation for China’s five-point initiative for achieving security and stability in the Middle East”

    Erdogan – Islamic extremists being recruited from Xinjiang (the small minority) to massacre women and children in Syria and and consolidate Turkey’s hold on Idlib, then being sent back to destabilise China via Xinjiang.

    I am sure President Xi Jinping is aware of this.


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