Wisconsin Budget Targets and Discriminates Against Vapors

People's Republic of Madison

Buried on page 550 is an abusive 71% tax plus sales tax on electronic cigarettes and eliquid.

Cigarette Excise Tax
The Governor recommends imposing a tax on vapor products at the rate of 71 percent of the
manufacturer’s list price. This tax would replace the existing tax of 5 cents per milliliter which only
applies to vapor liquid. The recommended tax would apply to any electronic cigarette, electronic cigar,
electronic cigarillo, electronic pipe, or similar product or device, as well as any container of a solution or
other substance that is intended to be used with these items. The fiscal impact is an estimated
increase in tax revenue of $12.7 million in FY22 and $16.6 million in FY23

The only legitimate reason for taxation is to extract everyone’s fair share of government. Not social engineering and not to extort money from a minority group to appease the majority. Why…

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