Looks like another color revolution is underway! – The US Strengthens Its Presence in Mongolia

The US Strengthens Its Presence in Mongolia

Looks like another color revolution is underway!

The next “genocide.”
*The next “genocide.” /s (Source: BYAMBASUREN BYAMBA-OCHIR/AFP via Getty Images)

Note: “The International Republican Insitute (IRI) is one of the components of the National Endowment for Democracy by which it seeks to influence political outcomes and civic society in lesser developed countries around the world. Its efforts are to channel politics and civic society to promote a neoliberal economic and political model; NED/IRI also engage in activities previously performed by the CIA. IRI is mainly funded by U.S. State Department, U.S. Agency for International Development and the National Endowment for Democracy.”


‘We Face Very Tough Challenges.’ How Mongolia Typifies the Problems Posed to Small Countries by China’s Rise

US Intelligence Walks Back Claim Russia Paid Bounties for US Troops in Afghanistan

US Intelligence Walks Back Claim Russia Paid Bounties for US Troops in Afghanistan

Despite the fact that the Russian bounty story has zero credibility, the Biden administration is still using it to advance hawkish Russia policies. When announcing a series of sanctions on Moscow and the expelling of Russian diplomats on Thursday, the State Department cited “reports of bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan.”

Biden Fires Up the Waco Controversy Anew

Biden Fires Up the Waco Controversy Anew

ATF claimed a surprise attack was necessary because Koresh almost never came out of his home. Six years after the attack, thanks to FOIA hounding by former federal lawyer David Hardy, the ATF finally disclosed a memo revealing that, nine days before the raid, two undercover ATF agents (recognized as such by Koresh) knocked on the door of the Davidian residence and invited Koresh to go shooting. Koresh, two other Davidians, and the two agents had a fine time shooting AR-15s and SIG Sauer semiautomatic pistols. Koresh provided the ammo and the agents handed him their guns. The ATF undercover agents’ official report, filed before the raid, noted: “Mr. Koresh stated that he believed that every person had the right to own firearms and protect their homes.” Koresh could have easily been arrested that day but that would have preempted the biggest and most glorious raid in ATF history.