Waiting for Catastrophes

Waiting for Catastrophes

The United States is notionally pulling its troops out of Afghanistan at the same time as it seems to be deepening its commitment to military action against China. Abbas laughs. “If they could not subdue us,” he says, meaning Iraq, “how will they fare against China?” It is true. But we are dealing with callous people who have contempt for world health. If they want a war, they might get a war.

‘Zarifgate’ is FAKE NEWS: Israel Reported 200 Strikes in Syria 3 Years Ago Themselves

“Should Kerry tell me that Israel has conducted more than 200 attacks [air strikes] against us in Syria?” That’s the whole quote. All of it. And Israel reported on their illegal strikes in Syria 3 years ago. Not a secret. This is the Republican version of ‘Bountygate’… i.e. FAKE NEWS.

‘Zarifgate’ is FAKE NEWS: Israel Reported 200 Strikes in Syria 3 Years Ago Themselves


Concern over UK-based Iranian TV channel’s links to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Sought Vice’s Help to Build a Media Empire:

In one media venture that competes with the influence of Saudi rival Iran, individuals connected to the Saudi royal court funded and helped launch Iran International, a Persian-language broadcaster in London, according to British corporate records and people familiar with the channel.

Some journalists at Iran International have complained that management is pushing a pro-Saudi, anti-Iran line at the 24-hour channel, which broadcasts via satellite to the Middle East, Europe and the U.S., and can be viewed in Iran.

Saudi Arabia is making “a systematic and very persistent push in a new direction in the media sphere,” said Negar Mortazavi, Iran International’s former Washington correspondent, who left the organization last year. “The Saudis want influence and credibility, and are paying a lot for it.”