Hawks seek revival with new group

Hawks seek revival with new group

As senior director for Near East and North African affairs from 2002 to 2009, Abrams played a key role in encouraging the U.S. invasion of Iraq and urging other interventions in the region and supported an armed coup attempt against the democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza, touching off a brief civil war that left the Islamist group stronger than ever. His advocacy as special envoy for Venezuela and Iran of ever-stronger sanctions against the governments in those two countries succeeded only in strengthening hard-line forces in both nations and pushing much of their middle classes into poverty. Given that record, why Vandenberg’s backers would choose him as the group’s chairman and public face, is intriguing, to say the least.

Covid Public Health Policies Are Killing the Elderly, Deliberately Pt. I

The pandemic has exposed underlying, inhumane, Eugenics-driven public health policies. The shocking evidence is that those public health policies were implemented in the most developed, economically wealthy countries. Those with the highest standard of living denied medical treatment for elderly nursing home residents, essentially condemning them to death.

Covid Public Health Policies Are Killing the Elderly, Deliberately Pt. I

Israel Uses Mujahedin-e-Khalq MEK In Albania

Israel Uses Mujahedin-e-Khalq MEK In Albania

I believe that the Biden administration, which is desperate to contain China, will try to have a new approach with Iran, Palestine and the Axis of Resistance in order to turn these Arab and Islamic countries away from the Chinese project of One Road, One Belt. Even though Biden is under a lot of pressure from the Zionist groups in the United States, I believe that the new Chinese expansion in Asia is a major threat for the Anglo-American civilization, which will halt for the time being any major Zionist lunacy against Palestine.


Iran exile group blacked out in Biden policy shift

Iran exile group blacked out in Biden policy shift

Iran exile group blacked out in Biden policy shift

However, the MEK’s history of violence is not confined to aggression against Iranian citizens. The group subscribed to a fierce anti-American ideology in the 1970s and hit several American targets inside Iran in a string of bombings that hit the US information office, Pepsi Cola, PanAm and General Motors.

A State Department inquiry in 1992 found the MEK guilty of killing six American citizens, including three military officers and three men hired by Rockwell International, a manufacturing company that ceased its operations in 2001.

US politicians that support these terrorists should be tried for treason!