Netanyahu Is Leading Israel Into Civil War Between Jews and Palestinians + More

Netanyahu Is Leading Israel Into Civil War Between Jews and Palestinians

What is indisputable, though, is his greatest decades-long magic trick: Building an almost impermeable bubble around Israeli Jews to shield and blind them from both entrenched oppression of, and escalating violence against, the Palestinians, both inside the 1967 borders and beyond them.

A whole generation of Jewish Israelis, raised in the safest (for them) Israel ever, have grown up with no awareness of the Green Line at all. They heard stories about the intifadas but for them, the conflict was ‘well-maintained’ and mostly out of sight and mind. The Abraham Accords, with the eager, unconditional embrace of Gulf states, seemed to prove that the there was no ‘Palestinian issue’ anymore.

What they couldn’t see from their segregated world was that for Palestinians, the conflict never ended.

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Palestinians v. Uyghurs — Naked Western Hypocrisy

For the last few days, Israel has been bombing the heck out of Gaza, just like Israel has done so a few times in the recent past. Missiles and fighter jets have been blowing up schools, apartment complexes, hospitals, and media centers. Gaza, of course, has no air force, missile defense systems, or military. Gaza is an open air prison, where every aspect of people’s lives are under control by Israel.

Palestinians v. Uyghurs — Naked Western Hypocrisy