Washington Reveals Its Summit Agenda: Threaten & Bribe Putin to Break with China

Washington Reveals Its Summit Agenda: Threaten & Bribe Putin to Break with China

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Biden will also likely press Putin on joining the G-7 nations’ just-announced international infrastructure initiative aimed at pushing back on China‘s influence in the global community. Sullivan on Monday told reporters that Biden plans to press Putin to help him provide a check on China, which is a big ask since Moscow and Beijing are aligned against Washington and the West on many issues.

The new G-7 agreement, dubbed “Build Back Better World” by Biden and his allies, will direct “hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure investment for low and middle-income countries that need it,” an administration official told reporters Saturday morning.

Biden aims to avoid Trump’s misstep by skipping joint press conference with Putin

Doubt that Putin has forgotten about this.


Human Rights Activist = Russian Spy?

The Polish security services once again confirmed that any deepened criticism of violations of the rule of law and of democracy in Poland MUST simply be done for the benefit of Russian intelligence. There just cannot be any other real opposition in Poland than the Russian spies themselves!

Human Rights Activist = Russian Spy?


NATO arrests Mateusz Piskorski, the Polish Leader of the Opposition

Not much about Janusz Niedźwiecki in English media. Here he’s criticizing NATO, but it’s from 2016.