YouTube CENSORED the Senate! | “Crime of the Century”

Matt Orfalea | June 13, 2021

YouTube censored a U.S. Senate committee hearing, doctors, journalists, and a U.S. Senator, for discussing evidence suggesting a cheap and widely available drug may help prevent and treat a deadly disease in the middle of a pandemic.

YouTube CENSORED the Senate! | “Crime of the Century”

Madison, WI: 100 dogs flown in to Dane County, looking for furever home

100 dogs flown in to Dane County, looking for furever home

A total of 350 animals flew out of El Paso. One hundred dogs were taken to Dane County and will go to nearby shelters, including the Dane County Humane Society. The rest will go elsewhere in Wisconsin, California and New Jersey, where they will be distributed among other shelters in surrounding states as well.

“There are multiple groups here today taking these animals to Minnesota, Illinois and right here in Wisconsin,” Good said. “So some of these animals are coming to Dane County Humane Society, others are going up to the twin cities.”

On Facebook, the reporter said they had a few cats, too! They’ll be ready for adoption, in the near future!