Dr. Christian Sanon is Being Framed

Dr. Christian Sanon is Being Framed (Watch in YouTube)

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Haiti president’s widow says domestic opponents plotted assassination:

“They sent mercenaries to kill the president at his home with members of his family because of roads, water, electricity and the referendum as well as elections at the end of the year so that there is no transition in the country,” she said in an audio message posted on her Twitter account on Saturday.

Moïse claimed before his death that he was fighting political rivals and local business tycoons angry at his attempts to clean up government contracts. However, the late president had himself been accused of corruption, allegedly skimming off millions from a subsidised Venezuelan oil scheme. He denied the allegations.

Mourning Haiti’s Moise, who stood alone on an island:

When Moise embarked on what is now clearly a suicide mission of lashing out at his political opponents as well as the captains of Haiti’s economy, the backlash was swift.

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