Surgeon general calls out platforms over COVID-19 misinformation

Surgeon general calls out platforms over COVID-19 misinformation

The report calls for an all-of-society push to address vaccine and coronavirus misinformation, including sweeping policy recommendations for companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy specifically calls on companies to redesign their algorithms to “avoid amplifying misinformation.” He also suggests that they build more “friction” into sharing functions that urge users to rethink whether to share a post containing false information.

Murthy also recommends that platforms put out “clear consequences for accounts that repeatedly violate platform policies,” like instituting broader bans and suspensions for sharing misinformation.


White House ‘Flagging’ COVID ‘Disinformation’ for Social Media Companies

Trump did similar but I don’t remember any outrage. I didn’t even know about it, until I read this on TechDirt (the author claims that the current administration is only complaining, not demanding). I don’t see it that way, though, and feel there’s no difference; it’s fascism!

Why the Fed hates cryptocurrencies and especially stablecoins

Why the Fed hates cryptocurrencies and especially stablecoins

“[They’re] popular because it’s money that’s independent of politicians and bankers,” said Mati Greenspan, portfolio manager and Quantum Economics founder. “People want the separation of government and money. They clearly don’t get that.”

“Were diem, or even a Chinese CBDC, to be accepted by many other countries, the U.S. dollar would lose its dominance,” continued Bordo.

Cuba Proves U.S. Involvement in Destabilization Actions against the Cuban People

The member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, accused the U.S. Government of being directly involved and of having serious responsibility in the incidents that occurred in our country on July 11th.

Cuba Proves U.S. Involvement in Destabilization Actions against the Cuban People


Imperialist Aggressions Against The Cuban Revolution

Company Implicated in Moïse Assassination was Involved in Attack Against Maduro

Company Implicated in Moïse Assassination was Involved in Attack Against Maduro

Jorge Rodríguez referred to a report published on July 11 by the American newspaper Miami Herald to assert that the Colombians implicated in the murder of Haitian President Moïse, hired by the security firm CTU Security LLC, based in Miami , Florida, were also involved in the attack against the Venezuelan president.

”We have information that the security company, CTU Security LLC, directed by Antonio Intriago, was involved in the attempted assassination of Nicolás Maduro on August 4, 2018,” Rodríguez said at a press conference on Tuesday, July 13.

He added that Venezuelan opposition member Antonio “Tony” Emmanuel Intriago Valera, owner of the aforementioned company, has ties with the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, with whom he participated in the organization of the concert, Venezuela Aid Live, in 2019 in Cúcuta, Colombia, close to the border with Venezuela.

I was right about it being Venezuelan opposition that ran CTU Security.