Haitian Police Refuse to Release CCTV Footage from Inside President Moise’s Home

Haitian Police Refuse to Release CCTV Footage from Inside President Moise’s Home


A radio call with one of the men accused in presidential assassination plot

Suspects in Haitian President’s Killing Met to Plan a Future Without Him


Haitian doctor’s arrest raises new questions, suspicion about Moïse murder plot:

One question that arose almost immediately is how Sanon, who has lived in Boynton Beach and filed for bankruptcy in 2013, had the financial means to hire the Colombians. It is also unclear why the original mission may have changed.

Sanon was a serial entrepreneur who started multiple businesses in Haiti, in industries from medical care to residential development, according to people familiar with him. Most of his ventures failed, said Dr. Jean-Claude Compas a retired physician who first met Sanon over a decade ago, when the suspect was running an MRI unit in Haiti. Compas said he suspects Sanon was “set up” as a suspect in the assassination.

Head of security at Haiti’s presidential residence in police custody:

‘I have the honor to inform you, following the invitation sent to me by the public prosecutor’s office of Port au-Prince. I am currently under a precautionary measure ordered by the General Inspectorate of the Haitian Police. As a result, I am not available to comply with the request of the public prosecutor.’ [Dimitri Herard]

Herard, the head of security at the presidential residence, traveled to Ecuador through Bogota, the capital of Colombia, at the end of May, according to the Colombian National Police. The force said July 12 that it is investigating whether Herard, while in Colombia, met with any of the Colombian nationals allegedly involved in the assassination.

Jovenel Moïse’s Head of Security Traveled to Colombia 6 Times – Linked to Miami-based CTU Security

For her part, commentator Madame Boukman (@madanboukman) confirmed that the head of Moïse’s personal security traveled to Colombia six times between January and May 2021. She also noted that Hérard’s security firm has been linked to the Miami-based CTU Security, the mercenary firm that recruited Moïse’s assassins, according to the investigation.

Madame Boukman also concluded that Christian Sanon was setup as a patsy. Dimitri Hérard’s security firm is Tradex Haiti SA.

Head of Haiti’s Palace Guard Subject of US Law Enforcement Investigation into Arms Trafficking:

“In April 2020, Carl Frederic Martin, a Haitian-American and former US Navy officer, together with the sister of Dimitri Herard, created Tradex Haiti S.A., a security company. Another company, this one Florida-based and owned by Martin, received a $73,000 State Department contract in November 2019 to provide “riot gear kit[s]” for a specialized unit of the Haitian National Police (PNH).

Did Dimitri Herard meet with CIA Director, William Burns?! CIA Director Arrives in Colombia to Lead ‘Sensitive Security Mission’link from Scott’s blog entry.

Meanwhile, Venezuela is tying Tony Intriago, owner of CPU Security, with Colombia’s President:

Links Between Hitman Recruiter Tony Intriago and Iván Duque Revealed

Company Implicated in Moïse Assassination was Involved in Attack Against Maduro


Friends and family of a top suspect in the Haiti assassination say they believe he’s being framed + What the American accused of plotting to kill Haiti’s President told police