NATO Is Replicating Nazi Germany’s Crimes In Ukraine—Along With The Dangers Of World War

NATO and its fascist partnered regimes are facilitating a process in Ukraine that can be compared to the rise of Nazi Germany. The difference being that Ukraine’s fascist regime isn’t going to start invading European imperialist powers, which in the long term will make this regime more sustainable than the Third Reich; whereas the Nazis went rogue and brought the wrath of the other imperialist powers, Ukraine’s Nazis have the reliable backing of the United States and its imperial collaborators.

NATO Is Replicating Nazi Germany’s Crimes In Ukraine—Along With The Dangers Of World War

The Pandemic Response as Contemporary Imperialism

The almost uniform support for totalitarian lock-down measures and mandates from those on the left has been shocking to see and has resulted in a feeling of political homelessness for those whose leftist values are what lead them to view the response to the pandemic with a sharp critical eye. This article shows that the reason why so many on the left have abandoned the values of freedom of speech and movement, bodily autonomy, and economic justice is because those people belong to the ideology of progressivism, which exists outside the left-right dichotomy.

The Pandemic Response as Contemporary Imperialism

‘No need to rush’: Senator warns of FDA’s shortcuts to full approval of COVID-19 vaccine

‘No need to rush’: Senator warns of FDA’s shortcuts to full approval of COVID-19 vaccine (Archived)

“I see no need to rush the FDA approval process for any of the three COVID-19 vaccines. Expediting the process appears to only serve the political purpose of imposing and enforcing vaccine mandates,” Mr. Johnson wrote in the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Times.

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy told “Fox News Sunday” that moving the Pfizer vaccine from “emergency” to “full approval” would make mandates more appealing.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, who is on the Pfizer board of directors, also said the full approval will prompt more vaccine mandates.


Gottlieb’s Pfizer Announces $1.95 Billion Deal with Feds for COVID-19 Vaccine

Just hours before the Pfizer vaccine news became public, Gottlieb appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to explain that any vaccine will need to be administered on an annual basis.


Some more notes that I made, about Gottlieb and the coronavirus, in March 2020.

[audiobook] 16/20: The Governance of China Vol. 3 by Xi Jinping

[audiobook] 16/20: The Governance of China Vol. 3 by Xi Jinping (YouTube)

16a: Promote Development in Hong Kong and Macao as Part of China’s Overall Development

16b: Strive for China’s National Rejuvenation and Peaceful Reunification

16c: Speech on the 20th Anniversary of Macao’s Return to China and the Inauguration of the Fifth-Term Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region

Source: C Ozmun

Is America Whitewashing Afghan Refugees in Albania

Is America Whitewashing Afghan Refugees in Albania

Afghans arriving in Albania will be brought by the Americans for specific reasons. The loosely applied term ‘interpreter’ could be a convenient cover for ‘infiltrator’ or ‘torturer’. Afghans used to spy on the Afghan government or torture their fellow countrymen will have secrets and skills which the Americans may not want to reveal or lose. (Similarly, there may be Afghans who never make it to Albania or America for similar reasons.) Once in Albania, these refugees will be first de-pressured and de-briefed (as were MEK members) and screened for their potential use or benefit. Some will be taken to America, others remain in Albania, and there will be a cohort who, because they are not of any use or benefit, will, as were extraneous, uncooperative MEK members, be ushered into the EU. MEK members who left the group became an unwanted burden. When possible, they were ‘eased’ over the border with Greece so that they become the EU’s problem.