The UN Literally Looks the Other Way When It Comes to TPLF Human Rights Abuses

Tigrayans forced to fight, weapons being fired and risking locals’ safety, and staff told not to video TPLF “recruitment events” — UN officials don’t talk publicly about THESE conditions in the region

The UN Literally Looks the Other Way When It Comes to TPLF Human Rights Abuses

The European Invention Called White People Explained

The European Invention Called White People Explained (YouTube)

Before the 17th century, people did not think of themselves as belonging to something called the white race. But once the idea was invented, it quickly began to reshape the modern world.

So-called whiteness and the privilege it carries with it, is a powerful psychological invention. European elites invented this color caste system and it’s completely made up, but so is their invention called, blackness. When we use terms, such as, white and black, we are actually participating in casteism.

European colonists’ use of the word “white” to refer to people who looked like themselves, grew to become entangled with the word “race” and “slave” in the American colonies in the mid-1660s. These elites created “races” of “savage” Indians, “subhuman” Africans, and “white” men.

The social inventions succeeded in uniting the European colonists, dispossessing and marginalizing native people, and permanently enslaving most African descended people for generations. Tragically, American culture, from the very beginning, developed around the “ideas” of so-called, race and racism.

“When the first Africans arrived in Virginia in 1619, there were no ‘white’ people there; nor, according to the colonial records, would there be for another sixty years.”

~Theodore W. Allen, American intellectual, writer, and activist

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Compromised: UN “Special Rapporteur” to Myanmar Spent Years Promoting US Regime Change

The UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Myanmar Tom Andrews has spent years within the US government’s National Democratic Institute and as an adviser to the US-based “National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma” – he was also involved in Aung San Suu Kyi’s Nobel Peace Prize.

It is an obvious conflict of interest with Tom Andrews demonstrably taking sides, ignoring abuses by Myanmar’s opposition, and abusing his position at the UN to help advance US foreign policy objectives including regime change in Myanmar.

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Opens in YouTube: Compromised: UN “Special Rapporteur” to Myanmar Spent Years Promoting US Regime Change