War on the Horizon with China (The Neoconservative Dream)

Have neoconservative policies regarding China stopped with just “regime change”? Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard, believes that it must happen for the best interests of American foreign policy. In the latest news, US military forces have been reported to have been in Taiwan for at least 12 months to strengthen its defenses against intensifying Chinese aggression. Taiwan is considered “self resilient” against China, however, China has shown no aggression towards the country. Yet we continue to gradually move toward a conflict with a country which has been seen as a threat to our world economy and hegemony with indo-china. The Pentagon meanwhile has criticized its own slow in progression of it’s defense strategy. General John E. Hyten, Joint Chiefs of Staff, referenced the unprecedented speed at which Beijing is developing its military capabilities, particularly the modernization of its nuclear arsenal, as one of the Pentagon’s top concerns. But at what cost will this be at the average American citizen?

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