The Economic Dimension Of The American Hybrid War On Ethiopia

The Economic Dimension Of The American Hybrid War On Ethiopia

About that, Ethiopia is one of China’s top Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) partners in Africa. The two countries are comprehensive strategic partners, and Chinese investments have been crucial to Ethiopia’s rise in recent years…

…America’s perception managers can then be expected to get to work manipulating the narrative in order to provoke distrust between them with the intent of adding an anti-Chinese dimension to anti-government riots.

Laos: From Landlocked to High-Speed Rail-Linked

October 19, 2021 (Brian Berletic – NEO) – For anyone who travelled through the rugged landlocked Southeast Asian country of Laos years ago, they will remember the twisting mountain roads and the many days by bus it would take to traverse the terrain from China’s border with Laos at Boten to the Laotian capital of Vietniane across the Mekong River from Thailand’s city of Nong Khai.

Laos: From Landlocked to High-Speed Rail-Linked