Some Democrats Want to Give Biden War Powers to Fight China Over Taiwan

Some Democrats Want to Give Biden War Powers to Fight China Over Taiwan

Missing from most reports on China’s ADIZ flights is how much the US has increased its military activity in the region. Beijing’s moves around Taiwan are clearly fueled by the US’s presence and Washington’s steps to boost ties with Taipei. A change in policy in the form of a war powers authorization would only raise tensions in the region and make a conflict more likely.


US Must Resist Temptation To Meddle in the Balkans Again

US Must Resist Temptation To Meddle in the Balkans Again

Bosnian Serbs are making a new bid to secede and create a fully independent state from the portion of Bosnia with a majority Serb population. Unfortunately, Washington and its NATO allies have made it clear on multiple occasions that such a step will never be tolerated. Consequently, Bosnia drifts along in its chronic ungovernable condition. Granting NATO membership to a country with those characteristics ought to be considered an absurdity on its face, but the lobbying effort to do so persists.

Another color revolution on the way?!

Turkey, Syria, Iran & The Adana Agreement

Turkey, Syria, Iran & The Adana Agreement (Archived)

The PKK’s wacked out followers are violent. Crazed cultists. Get it?! This is not all the Kurdish people, this is sadly a large enough segment of fanatical sunni muslim kurds, both dangerous and violent, who will stop at nothing to advance their cult agenda even if it means killing other kurds, arabs, who ever may get in their way- As evidenced by the abundance of abuses the PKK/YPG/TAK etc are engaging in as proxies of the US and Israel.


The SDF equals the YPG/PKK/Kurds: A timeline of the PKK’s war on Turkey