US Eyes January Roll- out of “First” Project to Counter China’s Belt and Road- Build Back Better

I’ve felt the birth pangs scenario was most likely the groundwork being laid for these pending projects.. (wrote about this at my prior site)

And Build Back Better, unsurprisingly, beside bringing in the technocratic tyranny looks to be a means to wage warfare by other means. Not a shocker because in many ways the Covid Con looked to be a way to target China, possibly, one China perceived as a bio weapons attack ? It’s can’t be ruled out.

US Eyes January Roll- out of “First” Project to Counter China’s Belt and Road- Build Back Better


China Moves Onto USA’s Doorstep by Signing Up Cuba to Belt & Road.


Virginia: Same Old Same Old

Every time one thinks that politicians in the United States might have actually have had a “come to Jesus” moment and will henceforth serve the people who pay to support them, something pops up to demonstrate that nothing has changed but the names of the folks who are selling most of us out. As a Loudoun County Virginia resident with children and grandchildren in the public school system who is active in the Fight for Schools movement, I was delighted when Glenn Youngkin defeated the truly despicable Terry McAuliffe to become the next government of the state. McAuliffe not only engaged in constant race and class baiting in terms of how he couched his appeals to voters, confident that the fraud that he and his party-mates had engineered into the system disguised as “voting rights” would be enough to win the day in a state that has leaned Democratic in recent elections. So tone deaf to the voters was McAuliffe that he came out with “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.” and two days before election day went off the deep end by telling his audience at a rally that Virginia just has too many school teachers who are white.

Same Old Same Old

Largest US Forces Withdrawal from Syria, 270 Vehicles Headed to Iraq

Largest US Forces Withdrawal from Syria, 270 Vehicles Headed to Iraq

Justifications parrotted by ‘analysts’ and ‘pundits’ that the US is withdrawing from the Middle East to focus on China and the South China Sea is ludicrous, the US is an ending empire and ending rapidly; if it had any strength or even will for a standoff or war with China, it was directly on the Chinese borders in Afghanistan for 2 full decades, the US forces in Afghanistan were blocking the Chinese land connection to the Middle East and through it to Europe and the whole of Africa, if you want to wage a war against someone you try to encircle them, you don’t open for them more paths to extend their strengths.