USA Loses Ethiopia; Biggest Strategic Blunder Since Loss of Iran

USA Loses Ethiopia; Biggest Strategic Blunder Since Loss of Iran

I have long predicted that the day the USA loses control of the strategically critical Red Sea/Baab Al Mandeb marks the beginning of the end of Pax Americana’s dominance of the world. With this blunder against Ethiopia, the USA has shot itself in the foot, leaving itself increasingly weakened and no longer viewed by the people of Africa as an omnipotent force that can do what it pleases.


How does the West conspire to contain China?

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently announced the establishment of a new China mission center, with the aim to continue suppressing China’s peaceful rise. In addition, Western forces have been keen on smearing China by repeating the same old narratives of “democracy” and “human rights,” and even fabricating the despicable lies about the so-called “genocide” in Xinjiang. When we look back at the major negative social events in Hong Kong in recent years, there have been traces of CIA’s interference.

Why are these Western countries so “interested” in China’s internal affairs? What conspiracies and traps have they laid in the way of China’s development? Do they do it via foreign spies in HK? Do spies work like James Bond?

In this episode of Legal Affairs, Lawrence Ma, Chairman of the Hong Kong Foundation for Legal Exchange, exposes the ulterior motives and evil plots of the West from a historical and legal perspective, unveiling the mystery of some “local proxies” in HK.

According to Ma, during the Cold War, Western countries tried to reform the Soviet Union from within, inducing Gorbachev to carry out a political revolution, which eventually led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Similarly, they have used their old tricks against China all along. In 1989, the West brought up the topic of “democracy” to fund and induce students to protest, misleading people into believing that “everything will be fine if we introduce so-called ‘democracy’ into China”. The purpose behind this, obviously enough, was to overthrow the Communist Party’s leadership, Ma said.

The West’s conspiracy didn’t work out at that time, and in the face of China’s rise, they turned to the so called “China containment policy.” Although the U.S. side has never admitted it, such a policy that has been in place to contain China in all aspects, including currency, energy, food, military, diplomacy, and media.

To this day, Western countries are sending their agents to HK as diplomats or consuls, who use diplomatic passports as shields to avoid any charges they face in the city. The more important task of these spies is to train local puppets, like students, such as Wong Chi-fung and others. Foreign powers push the puppets to the front line, instructing them to act as local proxies and stage “color revolutions” in the city. Watch the video now for more details!

Source: DotDotNews (YouTube)


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Wall Street’s Diabolical Plan to Financialize All Nature

This is unacceptable. And is already being pushed. Promoted. Like a ‘vaccine’ that causes harm rather then helping. Like a bitter pill hidden in a pile of sugar.

The Globe and Mail had an article in it’s print edition pushing this very agenda – Is it time to make ‘natural capital’ an asset class?

As I’ve always said the “green” movement is all about money. Profit. Plunder. Exploitation. Profiteering. Monopolization of everything. Denial of your human right to use what nature has given you to use. Since you and I are part of nature we shall be further exploited for profit. You know ‘pandemics and ‘vaccines’ as one form of crony capitalist, technocratic abuse.

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