[Video] Freedom Convoy, Canada is not Communist China!

Video: Freedom Convoy, Canada is not Communist China!

The irony of the Freedom Convoy believing the Main Stream Media’s Lies against China as that same media Lies about them. Racist, Extremist, Misogynist, White Supremacist, Fringe Minority and people with unacceptable views. The politicians threaten with fines, imprisonment, taking children away, confiscating trucks, taking drivers licenses away and yet the protesters carry signs saying “This is Canada NOT Communist China.” You would think after being targeted with the MSM rhetoric of lies they would understand that what they have been fed over the years might just be another lie. This is a special video that I think will make you think about what you have been fed. Yes this is directed at the Freedom Convoys around the world.

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Socialism and Democracy in the DPRK

Socialism and Democracy in the DPRK

Bourgeois media continues to portray the DPRK as a totalitarian nightmare, populated exclusively by a pacified and frightened citizenry. As I have shown, this is far from the case. The north Korean people have a far greater say in how their lives are structured than do citizens of even the most “democratic” capitalist countries. They are not forced to adhere to a Party Line handed down from on high, but rather are encouraged to participate in the running of society. The DPRK is an excellent example of socialism, which is focused on developing the working class-and humanity-to its full potential. It is only through socialism that we can realize our collective dream of a free and prosperous society. The DPRK is marching towards this dream, even in the face of unparalleled imperialist aggression. It is partly on this basis that we should pledge solidarity with the country. To reiterate the point I made in my last post, however, the DPRK should be supported regardless of whether it is itself socialist. It is standing against imperialism, which is the greatest enemy of socialism. Indirectly or directly, the DPRK works in the interests of socialism.