The Beefing Boogaloo Boys of Ukraine

The Beefing Boogaloo Boys of Ukraine (Archived)

Dunn said that after a supply run to Poland, he decided to join up with a new unit in Ukraine, and he remains “willing to give you my all.” But Hoeft disputed this account: He alleged in a since-deleted Instagram Story that Dunn was kicked out of the Georgian National Legion for his involvement with extremist groups in the U.S. and is now serving with a far-right contingent of the Ukrainian guard whose flag has been championed by white supremacists across the world.


US Army veteran fighting in Ukraine says he went AWOL because it was a ‘trap’

On Wednesday, War is Boring relayed information that wounded foreign fighters were being fatally shot by their own in order to prevent them from falling into Russian hands.

“They don’t try and help you,” one source told War is Boring’s editor, Andy Wolf. “If you’re hit, you are finished.”

Similar accounts were also relayed on Telegram, confirming the source’s firsthand accounts.

“Foreign mercenaries who were wounded in the #Volnovakha hospital were shot by their own before leaving the city so that they could not tell anything. All shot in the temple or the back of the head,” Mango Press reported, “According to Yan Gagin, an adviser to the head of the government of the Donetsk People’s Republic.”

YouTube: Henry Hoeft AKA Henry Locke’s Clarification

Ukraine’s foreign fighters ridicule American Boogaloo Boy who RAN AWAY when he realised he’d actually have to fight Russians in Kyiv with the kit he was given and complained he’d been lured into ‘trap’


Foreign Fighters Flee from Ukraine after Being Tortured and Used as Cannon Fodder