FBI Invites Public In On Its Forfeiture Racket, Promises Them A Cut Of The Take

By Tim Cushing – techdirt – March 16, 2022

There aren’t many ways to make something as objectively awful as civil asset forfeiture worse, but the FBI has found a way to do it. As it stands now, forfeiture allows law enforcement to take cash and property from people under the (unproven) theory that it was illegally obtained. The rest of the process does nothing to prove the theory. The burden of proof is often shifted to people who had their stuff taken by law enforcement and the process of seeking the return of property is so expensive and counterintuitive, most people just take the L and move on.

FBI Invites Public In On Its Forfeiture Racket, Promises Them A Cut Of The Take

Ukraine Rejects Civilian Passage from Mariupol

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This article was published last night by the BBC- You’ll notice the spin that kicks off the report. Russia asked the fighters to lay down their arms and exit Mariupol in order to bring in assistance to the remaining besieged civilians. As has been occurring elsewhere. Ukraine preferred to keep as many civilians as can be held. Mariupol has a great many ethnic Russians residents. Ukraine could care less if they are slaughtered by the fighters or starved because the fighter (ukrainazis) refuse to give them up- Mariupol is home of the notorious Azov battalion. Check the links below (they will take down the rabbit hole)

Ukraine Rejects Civilian Passage from Mariupol

CDC reports fewer COVID-19 pediatric deaths after data correction

CDC reports fewer COVID-19 pediatric deaths after data correction

The health agency, in a statement to Reuters, said it made adjustments to its COVID Data Tracker’s mortality data on March 14 because its algorithm was accidentally counting deaths that were not COVID-19-related.

Children accounted for about 19% of all COVID-19 cases, but less than 0.26% of cases resulted in death, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, which summarizes state-based data.