Red Alert: What seeing the war in Syria taught me about US/Western government and media propaganda

By Janice Kortkamp | Ron Paul Institute | March 29, 2022

The Syrian war was the first fully observed conflict on social-media and the ability to connect directly with Syrians real time as they were experiencing the crisis was unprecedented. This created a unique opportunity to get unfiltered information directly from all sides of the conflict to gain insights and understanding. The results have helped shake off the control by conventional news media over foreign events reporting and analysis. While this has created some chaos, valuable lessons have been (or should have been) learned.

Red Alert: What seeing the war in Syria taught me about US/Western government and media propaganda

In Progress: Regime Change in Pakistan

Pakistan PM Imran Khan accuses US of funding ‘conspiracy’ to topple his government

Regime change attempts in Ukraine and Pakistan

Analysis: Is CIA behind ‘regime change’ in Pakistan?

CIA secret regime change plan to topple PM Imran Khan government in Pakistan?

NPR: Pakistan’s Imran Khan faces a political showdown — without the army for support

NED Funding to Pakistani NGOs

NED Grantee Connects Marginalized Women Across Rural Pakistan

To Be Updated:

In Progress: Regime Change in Pakistan

Beware the redux: America’s violent Cold War history

Hollywood loves a sequel, but the Russia-Ukraine crisis has made the possibility real, and no one should want to see it.

The “us versus them” rhetoric and global military maneuvering likely to play out in the years to come threaten to divert attention and resources from the biggest risks to humanity, including the existential threat posed by climate change. It also may divert attention from a country — ours — that is threatening to come apart at the seams. To choose this moment to launch a new Cold War should be considered folly of the first order, not to speak of an inability to learn from history.

Beware the redux: America’s violent Cold War history