Russia, Ukraine and the Law of War: War Crimes

Scott Ritter, in the second and final part of this series, lays out what the law says about war crimes and how it applies to the conflict in Ukraine.

Russia, Ukraine and the Law of War: War Crimes


Washington Post Admits that Ukraine’s Military is Using Civilians as Human Shields

Russia, Ukraine & the Law of War: Crime of Aggression (Part 1)


Donbass: Patrick Lancaster & Russell “Texas” Bentley

Patrick Lancaster:

US Navy veteran and independent journalist, Patrick Lancaster, has been making regular reports from Ukraine since the beginning of the crisis. His reports reveal that what is happening on the ground is not what Western corporate media would have you believe. “Over the 8 years of the Ukraine War I made more video reports in anti-Ukraine Government (Donetsk People’s Republic) controlled territory than any other western journalist,” he says. – Rhoda Wilson

Ukrainian Forces Want to Surrender and Azov Forces Started Shooting At Them – They Are At War With Each Other

Interview with Russell “Texas” Bentley:

‘Nazism is Disease’: Texan Came to Donbass to Protect People & Tell the Truth About 8-Year Long War

More Links:

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Essence of Time

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Europe Must Learn To Cheat On Its Sanctions (Just Like The U.S. Is Doing It)

April 01, 2022 – Moon of Alabama

The European Union and China will hold a virtual summit today. Before the summit started Brussels has strewn rumors that it would pressure China to not support Russia.

China is of course rejecting any pressure and retaliates by pointing out Europe’s weak strategic autonomy:

Europe Must Learn To Cheat On Its Sanctions (Just Like The U.S. Is Doing It)

Comment by the Author of The New Dark Age:

Has the EU really been ‘captured’by the US? I think not! The major European powers, Germany, France, Italy and Holland (along with the UK), are an integral part of the Imperialist Bloc. When you talk about their interests being harmed, you are conflating the interests of the capitalist classes (and their essential servants) with those of the working people of these countries. Since when have the ruling classes of the Imperialists given a flying fuck about their working classes! They have vast amounts of capital, they’re not touched by the any of it, anymore than by the fake Pandemic. As with ‘traditional’ wars fought by capitalism, this is just another kind of war and as with traditional wars, it’s not only about markets and competing capitalist classes, it’s about destroying capital! It’s just as much a World War as the previous ones, but fought in an entirely different way, using different weapons. It has consumed (or is on the process of consuming) even more surplus capital than WWI/II, you just don’t see it! When will the left wise up? They got conned by the Bug and they’re now being conned by the Sanctions War on the planet!

The New Dark Age

An American Official Accidentally Got It Right About Russia & India

Exactly as Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics Daleep Singh said, the potentially disproportionate dependence that Russia might eventually come to have on China could have real implications for India and obviously be unfavorable. It’s with these credible strategic concerns in mind that India is seeking to preemptively thwart that scenario from ever materializing by functioning as an alternative Western pressure valve for Russia so that it doesn’t have to disproportionately depend on China to that end

An American Official Accidentally Got It Right About Russia & India

Who’s To Blame For Terrible US-Pakistani Ties: Imran Khan Or Joe Biden?

The deterioration of Pakistani-US ties wasn’t due to Prime Minister Imran Khan since this proud patriot has always practiced a policy of “Pakistan First” but is entirely attributable to the “American Exceptionalists” that are powerfully influencing the US’ “deep state” and who returned to power following President Joe Biden’s entrance into office. Being pro-Pakistani doesn’t equate to being anti-American unless someone already has an ideologically biased perspective and only interprets everything from the prism of the US’ unipolar hegemonic interests.

Who’s To Blame For Terrible US-Pakistani Ties: Imran Khan Or Joe Biden?


In Progress: Regime Change in Pakistan