US Claims Russia to Blame for Yemen Food Shortages, Praises Saudi Role

By Kyle Anzalone and Will Porter | The Libertarian Institute | April 14, 2022

A senior US official has accused Russia of driving food shortages in Yemen and around the world, suggesting Moscow is to blame for rapidly rising prices. The Kremlin rejected the charge, instead citing American sanctions as a leading cause of starvation.

US Claims Russia to Blame for Yemen Food Shortages, Praises Saudi Role

Alarmism About China Distracts from Ongoing Western Imperialism

West projecting its own image onto China when labeling it imperialist

According to many Western commentators—from the center-left to the far-right—China is the major threat to democracy, climate, peace and sovereignty in the 21st century. It is an issue where Donald Trump and Joe Biden are completely aligned. On the other side of the Atlantic too, Nigel Farage and Keir Starmer are closing ranks behind a sinophobic story-line.

Alarmism About China Distracts from Ongoing Western Imperialism

‘We Build the Wall’ Case Updates

Prosecutors Accuse Last ‘We Build the Wall’ Defendant of Falsifying Records, Threatening Suspected Witness with Supposed Mafia Ties

Prosecutors Ask Judge to Keep Sole Remaining Defendant in We Build the Wall Case from Telling Jury About Steve Bannon’s Pardon

All four were charged with conspiring to defraud donors in We Build the Wall, a crowdfunding effort to build a U.S.-Mexico barrier along the southern border. The charity claimed that every “penny” of the $25 million raised would go toward construction, but prosecutors say that Bannon pocketed $1 million. Kolfage took $350,000 and bought a yacht, a Range Rover SUV, a golf cart, jewelry, and cosmetic surgery with donors’ money, according to the indictment.

Steve Bannon’s Former Accused Co-Conspirators Will Plead Guilty in ‘We Build the Wall’ Case, Prosecutors Reveal


By Fergie Chambers, Toward Freedom, 4/12/22

Since Russia began what they call the “special operation” on February 24 in Ukraine, the corporate media has reported the Ukrainian population is united in resistance against the Russian military offensive. Aside from reports of civilians volunteering in a variety of non-military support roles, Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky and other state officials have urged civilians to take up arms. Then, on March 9, Zelensky approved a law that allows Ukrainians to use weapons during wartime and negates legal responsibility for any attack on people perceived to be acting in aggression against Ukraine. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense even posted a graphic online with instructions on how to launch Molotov cocktails at tanks.