British SAS deployed to train Ukrainian soldiers in anti-tank warfare

British SAS operators are training Ukrainian Armed Forces in anti-tank warfare and for the first time on the ground in Ukraine since Ukraine War began. They have been deployed to train Ukrainian soldiers in Kyiv to use NLAW anti-tank missile launchers; it has been reported.

Since the Ukraine War began, it is the first time that British or any other NATO forces have instructed their Ukrainian counterparts on Ukrainian soil. Two Ukrainian Armed Forces officers from separate battalions stationed both in and around the country’s capital told The Times that British Special Special Air Service operators had trained their troops on two occasions over the last fortnight.

British military trainers have had a presence in Ukraine since Russia invaded Crimea in 2014 but were withdrawn in February as the likelihood of Russian president Vladimir Putin ordering an all-out invasion of Ukraine increased. Reports of the British training came after Russian TV warned that Western involvement in the war – such as supplying weapons to Ukraine and training its military – meant that World War Three had already begun.

British SAS deployed to train Ukrainian soldiers in anti-tank warfare