Fire Reaches Gaza

As expected, Israel’s crackdown on Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank have led to a new escalation in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli security forces have been harassing Palestinians in al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and even restricting the movement of worshipers there since the beginning of April. During the same period, at least 19 Palestinians were killed in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where security forces carried out a series of raids.

Fire Reaches Gaza

USAID Approves $131mn Investment To Counter Impact Of Russian War On Ukraine

USAID Approves $131mn Investment To Counter Impact Of Russian War On Ukraine

“With these funds, USAID will help address the horrific impact of the ongoing war on civilians, the private sector, government institutions, and civil society. This funding will also enable USAID to continue helping the Ukrainian government combat corruption; build defenses against cyberattacks, disinformation [propaganda], and other tools of Kremlin aggression; sustain democratic reforms; strengthen the healthcare system, and foster economic growth that benefits Ukrainians.”