Is the Solomon Islands an Australian colony?

By the end of the 19th century, the Western Nations and Japan managed to carve up most of the world into colonies among themselves. While that was no longer possible after World War II, a new strategy for domination, euphemistically called “spheres of influence”, has replaced colonialism with largely similar but more subtle outcomes.

Is the Solomon Islands an Australian colony?


Hysteria and the Solomon Islands-China Security Pact + US won’t rule out military action if China establishes base in Solomon Islands

Expanded NATO will “shoot billions” to U.S. arms merchants

Expanded NATO will “shoot billions” to U.S. arms merchants

If Finland and Sweden are accepted into NATO the countries would join their Nordic neighbors, Denmark, Norway and Iceland. The five countries currently work together under the Nordic Defense Cooperation pact. Bringing NORDEFCO inside NATO would facilitate joint planning, cut off Russian maritime access to St. Petersburg, and strengthen defense of the North Atlantic and Artic sea routes.


The Port of St. Petersburg and Its Impact on Global Trade

Russia’s second largest city, Saint Petersburg, is among the most crucial locations for shipping and logistics on the planet. It serves as the maritime capital of Russia, being the biggest industrial and transportation center in the nation.

The Port of St. Petersburg also serves as the most vital shipping location between the eastern hemisphere and the west, which is part of the reason it’s also known as the European Gateway of the nation of Russia. Given its importance to global logistics operations, there are major benefits to getting a better understanding of the Port of St. Petersburg.