Turkey’s new Syria operation: A message to NATO

Turkey’s new Syria operation: A message to NATO

Under Erdoğan’s leadership, Turkish diplomacy has transformed from being a mere puppet of the Western agenda to one that prioritizes the security and interests of its citizens, be it in Africa, the East Mediterranean region or elsewhere. Also, with Erdoğan’s famous “the world is bigger than five” motto, Turkey proposes a comprehensive reform in global governance for a more just international system. It is time Turkey’s Western allies also learn this new language and approach of Turkish foreign policy.


Gulen Movement (FETÖ)

The SDF equals the YPG/PKK/Kurds: A timeline of the PKK’s war on Turkey


Turkey: While Erdogan bargains with the USA, the Turkish opposition makes friends with the US elites

While Erdogan bargains with the USA, the Turkish opposition makes friends with the US elites

Screenshot from HDP English’s Twitter (pro-Kurdish opposition party)


[Machine Translation] There’s no shame in the ambassador! Jeff Flake made successive visits to the Good Party and HDP (original)

So far, no Western news sources (only Turkish), outside of the Tweet, are reporting this. There’s also nothing about Flake meeting with the actual government, of Turkey, after being summoned by Turkey’s foreign relations ministry three days ago.

Dreizin Report: The Snowball Effect

In this video, the Dreizin Report explains in detail the tactical and psychological components of the Ukraine’s latest failures in the Donbass. Among other things, you will receive a crash course in static defense planning. Most enjoyably, we start the video with several minutes of highlighting a certain other talking head’s “borrowing” of Dreizin Report material.

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The Snowball Effect