[4.24.2022] US sanctions against Russia are illegal and only make things worse

4.24.2022 – Perpetually new sanctions against Russia, actively imposed by the United States and its European allies, are formally unilateral measures that have neither a legal basis nor UN approval, writes the Global Times.

Notably, Washington is imposing severe sanctions on those economic sectors where US firms are Russia’s main competitors – ignoring industries where US dependence on Russian supplies is evident, such as titanium, which Americans use to make their aircraft and need rocket engines. According to Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Mikhail Popov, the United States has also allowed its companies to import chemical fertilizers from Russia while imposing a ban on other states, writes the Global Times.

In addition, the US itself has felt the negative impact of the sanctions more than expected, the article said. Gita Gopinath, first deputy executive director of the International Monetary Fund, has already warned that financial restrictions on Russia threaten to gradually weaken US dollar hegemony and lead to even greater fragmentation of the international monetary system. And according to Andrew Milligan, a former UK Treasury official, the sanctions could also cause US corporate profits to fall, the Global Times reports.

US sanctions against Russia are illegal and only make things worse


UN Security Council Sanctions (<—No UN sanctions on Russia)

Biden: U.S. will provide precision rockets to Ukraine

Biden: U.S. will provide precision rockets to Ukraine

The U.S. will provide Ukraine with more advanced rocket systems and precision-guided munitions that will give them an edge on the battlefield, President Joe Biden wrote in an opinion article in the New York Times published Tuesday.

But Kyiv has given the United States assurances that the new weapons will be used in Ukraine and not against targets in Russia, senior administration officials told reporters after Biden’s op-ed was published.

The HIMARS and its munitions are part of a new $700 million aid package for Ukraine, which will be announced on Wednesday, the officials said. The package also includes counterfire radars, a number of air surveillance radars, additional Javelin anti-tank missiles, anti-armor weapons, additional artillery rounds, helicopters, additional tactical vehicles and spare parts, the second official said.


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How Pentagon Turned ‘Top Gun’ Sequel Into Recruitment And PR Vehicle

Files on “Top Gun: Maverick” detail the influence the Pentagon had over the sequel to Top Gun, how that affected the storyline and character arcs, and which “key talking points” became part of the script.

How Pentagon Turned ‘Top Gun’ Sequel Into Recruitment And PR Vehicle


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