‘Nuclear Winter’ Discussed in Newly Released Reagan-Era Documents

Newly released government documents from the 1980s outline the devastation that would be wrought on the planet if nuclear superpowers go to war—which should serve as a reminder for policymakers to prioritize peace negotiations as the war in Ukraine rages on, according to Scott Horton, editorial director of Antiwar.com.

‘Nuclear Winter’ Discussed in Newly Released Reagan-Era Documents


Nuclear Winter: U.S. Government Thinking During the 1980s


Democrats challenge nominating papers of Trump-backed Republican governor candidate Tim Michels

Democrats challenge nominating papers of Trump-backed Republican governor candidate Tim Michels


Donald Trump endorses Tim Michels for Wisconsin governor, inserting himself into competitive GOP primary:

The backing of Michels from Trump comes a week after Michels adopted a more aggressive stance toward the 2020 election, reversing himself and calling for the abolition of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Tim Michels Says He ‘Always Spent 183 Days’ a Year in Wisconsin

Tim Michels Home: $17 Million Connecticut Mansion, New York Penthouse Raise Residency Questions:

[Tim] Michels’ wealth was largely accumulated through public projects and taxpayer money, including more than $1 billion from the State of Wisconsin; his company builds roads and pipelines. Some contracts have been controversial, including alleged double bidding.

The couple purchased a New York penthouse while the subway project was happening. However, the subway project had ended before the LLC we’ve tied to them purchased two Connecticut homes worth millions. Their daughter and youngest son graduated from high schools out east after the subway project’s completion.

The campaign has painted Michels as a blue-collar figure rooted in Wisconsin who baled hay as a kid, graduated from small-town Lomira High School, joined the Army, and then worked for the family company headquartered in Brownsville, Wisconsin. In his announcement speech, Michels stood before red utility vehicles and posed with construction workers. An east coast lifestyle full of yachting and polo clubs is clearly not the image the campaign is after.

Terrorists’ Safe Haven in Northern Europe

May 14, 2022:

Sweden is one of the European countries that has become a safe haven for the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, a.k.a. MKO and PMOI). Supporting sabotage attempts, sheltering the murderers of the Iranian people, and involving in bitter hostilities toward Iranians are just some of the policies of the Swedish government against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Terrorists’ Safe Haven in Northern Europe