Turkish-Kurdish Tensions in Syria Expose NATO Dysfunction

Jun 12, 2022 | Military activity in northern Syria is accelerating, Turkey is intent on striking at US-backed Kurdish militants who in turn are seeking aid not from the US but from Syria and Russia.

The situation in Syria is another illustration of the true nature of US foreign policy and another glimpse at what becomes of America’s many “partners.”

The New Atlas (New Atlas on Telegram) (Video on Odysee)

“America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests” – Henry Kissinger


Turkey urges Russia to fulfill deals to clear N. Syria of terrorists

Ankara says it must act because Washington and Moscow failed to keep their promise to push the YPG 30 kilometers (18 miles) from the border after a 2019 Turkish operation, adding that attacks from YPG-controlled areas have increased.

In 2019, an operation into northeast Syria against the YPG drew widespread international condemnation, prompting Finland, Sweden and others to restrict arms sales to Turkey. Now Turkey is blocking the two Nordic countries’ historic bid to join NATO because of the weapons ban and their support of the terrorist group.

Turkey tells Russia it will respond to destabilising moves in north Syria

US-backed Syrian Kurds to turn to Damascus if Turkey attacks

Assad explains why Syria is sticking with Russia

The attacks increase as Turkey disapproves of Finland & Sweden’s NATO memberships?! Coincidence?! NOT!!

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Precision Strike on Wagner Base, killing 300, EXPOSED! (Videos)

Ukraine claims it destroyed a Wagner base in Kadiivka / Kadeevka (formely Stakhanov) and “Preliminary reports say that 300 died, only 1 survived) according to Ukrainian State Media UATV. The ironic thing is that these claims are coming in a day AFTER the LPR released their report (which I just coincidentally happened to have translated) of them showing that SAME EXACT STADIUM (because they also say it was a “direct hit”). It looks pretty empty to me and nobody there mentions of any Wagner base.

Ukraine War Awareness


LPR Report (video): Stakhanov shelled by MLRS Uragan June 9, 2022

UATV Report (video): 300 Wagner Group mercenaries eliminated in Luhansk region, only one survived. The 108th day of war

Ukrainian military carried out a precision strike on Wagner base at stadium in Kadiivka, Luhansk governor says


Precision Strike on Wagner Base, killing 300, EXPOSED!

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US asked to explain after Pentagon admits to operating 46 biolabs in Ukraine after months of denial

US asked to explain after Pentagon admits to operating 46 biolabs in Ukraine after months of denial (Archived)


Pentagon Admits Supporting 46 Biolabs in Ukraine

DoD Fact Sheet on WMD Threat Reduction Efforts with Ukraine, Russia and Other Former Soviet Union Countries (Archived)

Report of the International Scientific Commission for the Investigation of the Facts Concerning Bacterial Warfare in Korea and China (PDF)

Ukraine Bits: No Ammo, More Casualties, Thin Lines, Propaganda And Passing The Buck

The real state of the war in Ukraine, which I had described some two months ago, has now reached the main stream media. The Zelensky regime in Ukraine is using it to beg the ‘west’ for more guns and ammunition.

Ukraine Bits: No Ammo, More Casualties, Thin Lines, Propaganda And Passing The Buck


Biden Throws Zelensky Under The Bus: Ukraine Leader ‘Brushed Off’ Invasion Warnings