Bulgarian prime minister Kiril Petkov resigns after losing no-confidence motion

The Petkov-led coalition government was formed last year after two inconclusive snap elections following the ouster of Boyko Borisov’s conservative regime

Bulgarian prime minister Kiril Petkov resigns after losing no-confidence motion


Bulgaria’s no-confidence vote could hamper EU expansion

Petkov, a Harvard-educated businessman, formed a four-party coalition government in December. He has pushed for a resolution to a bilateral ethno-cultural dispute that has blocked North Macedonia and Albania’s bids to join the EU. Bulgaria is a member of the EU and NATO.

I suppose the Balkans would have Western puppets as leaders. *sigh*

DOUBLE-BOOSTED Fauci’s Covid WORSENS After Paxlovid Rebound.


Fauci Says He Had Paxlovid Rebound, Worse Symptoms:

Fauci first tested positive after having a “scratchy throat,” he told the newspaper. After taking Paxlovid, he was “surprised and disappointed” to see he tested positive again, and he had symptoms such as a low fever, achiness, runny nose, and “mild cough.” He then called his doctor, who prescribed another 5-day course of Paxlovid, which Fauci said is relatively common among those who have a rebound.

Earlier this month, Pfizer, the maker of Paxlovid, announced that it would stop adding new people to a clinical trial of the drug among COVID-19 patients who have a low risk of hospitalization and death. The study failed to show that the drug reduced symptoms, hospitalizations, or deaths in a statistically significant way, Bloomberg reported.

COVID-19 Rebound After Paxlovid Treatment:

There is currently no evidence that additional treatment is needed with Paxlovid or other anti-SARS-CoV-2 therapies in cases where COVID-19 rebound is suspected.

Going against CDC guidance, huh?! Hypocrite!

Jim Bovard: The Justice Department Pressured USA Today to Stop Publishing Me

by Jim Bovard | Jun 28, 2022

In 2015, Justice Department press chief Brian Fallon bitterly complained to USA Today editors about my articles walloping Attorney General Eric Holder, including”Eric Holder’s Lawless Legacy,” [Feb. 3, 2015] and “Eric Holder’s Police Shooting Record? Dismal,” [Aug. 20, 2014]. Fallon (who later became presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s press secretary) protested to USA Today commentary editor David Mastio and another USA Today editor, Brian Gallagher, about my “consistently nasty words about Mr. Holder” and said that Bovard “has never had a kind thing to say about Holder.” (Actually, I praised Holder’s curtailing prosecutions of minor drug possession in a 2013 USA Today column that recounted my experiences working with a convict road gang.)

The Justice Department Pressured USA Today to Stop Publishing Me

“Partnership in Blue Pacific” to Turn Pacific Islands into Anti-China War Zone

Jun 30, 2022 The US has announced yet another anti-China alliance. This one is called, “Partners in Blue Pacific,” and either includes or soon will include both the UK and France as well as Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

This is about countering China – but if China is attempting to trade, develop, and raise the entire region with its own rise upon the global stage – it means the US and its allies are attempting to counter development and progress for these Pacific island nations.

Many of these nations are approaching China in the first place specifically because of the impoverished, destabilized state they’ve been left in by the US and its allies.

“Partnership in Blue Pacific” to Turn Pacific Islands into Anti-China War Zone (Odysee) via The New Atlas


US and allies launch initiative to help Pacific Island nations

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