Sri Lanka: Debt Trap Diplomacy & Putin Price Hikes? Or Something Else?

Jul 10, 2022 – Sri Lanka’s dire economic and political conflict is being blamed by the Western media on Chinese “debt trap diplomacy” and “Putin Price Hikes,” however buried within the same Western media sources, is the truth.

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Sri Lanka: Debt Trap Diplomacy & Putin Price Hikes? Or Something Else? (Odysee)


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US Funds New Protests in Libya

Against a backdrop of deteriorating living conditions, electricity shortages, rising fuel and bread prices, popular unrest has returned to the streets of Libyan cities since July 1 which, with the inaction of security forces, has degenerated into disorderly acts by angry crowds, accompanied by vandalism, arson and looting. Hundreds of protesters stormed the parliament building in the eastern Libyan city of Tobruk, setting fire to official documents, offices and reception halls, according to the Libya News Agency. According to Alwasat TV, the protesters demanded the dissolution of parliament and the transfer of all electoral powers to the country’s supreme state council.

US Funds New Protests in Libya


US is Trying to Restrain Libya with its Power Collar

Media Support ‘Self-Determination’ for US Allies, Not Enemies

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Article 1 of the UN Charter says that one of the purposes of the UN is “to develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples.” However, what “self-determination” means in specific international legal cases is far from a settled debate. Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute explains that:

contemporary notions of self-determination usually distinguish between “internal” and “external” self-determination, suggesting that “self-determination” exists on a spectrum. Internal self-determinationmay refer to various political and social rights; by contrast, external self-determination refers to full legal independence/secession for the given “people” from the larger politico-legal state.

Media Support ‘Self-Determination’ for US Allies, Not Enemies


Euromaidan 2014 – Orange Revolution – Donbass

The Rational Destruction of Yugoslavia

Motives of Abe’s alleged killer, link to religious group under scrutiny

TOKYO — The man accused of assassinating former Japanese leader Shinzo Abe on Friday told investigators he believed that Abe was linked to a religious group he blamed for his mother’s financial woes. On Sunday, a Tokyo-based representative of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, which in Japan was formerly named the Japan Unification Church, confirmed that the man’s mother is a member.

Motives of Abe’s alleged killer, link to religious group under scrutiny


The Crime That Killed Shinzo Abe

Was Shinzo Abe’s assassin motivated by religious ‘cult’ that backs right-wing politicians?

C.I.A. Spent Millions to Support Japanese Right in 50’s and 60’s

As the C.I.A. supported the Liberal Democrats, it undermined their opponents. It infiltrated the Japan Socialist Party, which it suspected was receiving secret financial support from Moscow, and placed agents in youth groups, student groups and labor groups, former C.I.A. officers said.

Why do I get the feeling that they’re going to pin this on China?! 🤷🏼‍♀️