The Mess That Pelosi Made

In 2015, Robert Parry, the late investigative journalist and founder of Consortium News, wrote an article titled “The Mess that Nuland Made.” It summarized the aftermath of the 2014 coup in Ukraine that was engineered by Victoria Nuland, who served in Obama’s State Department and is back working for the Biden administration.

Nuland’s coup sparked widespread unrest in Ukraine, Russia taking Crimea, and the war in the eastern Donbas region. The day that Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, the title of Parry’s salient article wouldn’t get out of my head. Nuland’s meddling in Ukraine reflected an overarching neocon, deep state agenda, but the chaos that has ensued since will always be her legacy, and her mess.

Now, as China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is lobbing missiles toward Taiwan and holding its largest-ever drills around the island, another woman that is a fixture of the establishment in Washington is to blame: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The Mess That Pelosi Made

Colonel Douglas Macgregor Interview – DEBUNKING Taiwan, Ukraine LIES

Hinkle chats with Col. Douglas Macgregor, one of a handful of (ex) military truthtellers, and a common sense geopolitical analyst. While Macgregor is not a “progressive” in the classical sense of the term, he is rational and fair when examining the actions and history of US-designated “adversaries”, countries like Russia and China who, as fully sovereign nations, would like to have normal, peaceful and mutually rewarding relations with the US but which are obsessively punished and persecuted by the US’s ruling class as they represent de facto challenges to its supremacist unipolar entitlements. In a word, Macgregor is not a knee-jerk, flag-waving imperialist.

Colonel Douglas Macgregor Interview – DEBUNKING Taiwan, Ukraine LIES