China Heralds Another Major Oil Discovery

China’s state-run China Petrochemical Group, Sinopec, says it has discovered a massive oilfield in the Tarim Basin, containing 1.7 billion tons of oil reserves.

The discovery is the result of exploration in the Shunbei oil and gas field, said to be one of the deepest commercial fields in the world, in the country’s Xinjiang region.

China Heralds Another Major Oil Discovery


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I’m sure Halliburton would love to get their hands on that oil! Oh wait, that was Iraq!


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    Your Halliburton comment and its implications when applied to the axiom — follow the money — leads right to 9/11 as a multifaceted business plan that keeps on giving much like CV-19. The well-paid CEOs are the giveaway that profit is more important than people.

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