Here’s the Whole Transcript of That Leaked Steve Bannon Tape, Annotated

The Halloween 2020 meeting in which Steve Bannon explained that Donald Trump planned to declare victory on election night, regardless of the actual results, was not supposed to be a big deal. The gathering was intended for Bannon to help associates of his patron, exiled Chinese mogul Guo Wengui, plan election night coverage on GTV News, one of Guo’s media companies.

Here’s the Whole Transcript of That Leaked Steve Bannon Tape, Annotated

Louisiana Woman Is Forced Carry Headless Fetus to Term or Travel to Florida for Legal Abortion

Louisiana Woman Is Forced Carry Headless Fetus to Term or Travel to Florida for Legal Abortion

The U.S. already leads wealthy nations in maternal mortality, particularly among people of color. I can’t imagine that doctors being forced to choose between prison and helping patients, or a Nebraska teen being charged with a felony for self-managing her abortion, will improve these conditions. But this is our post-Roe world, where Republicans are pushing to ban birth control and IVF, hospitals are denying rape victims emergency contraception, top anti-abortion activists are romanticizing the new reality of 13-year-old forced parents, and in Louisiana, the state can force you to carry a headless fetus. As horror stories of immeasurable suffering pour in on a near-daily basis, we can’t afford to become desensitized to any of it.

The Timing Behind the Atttack on Salman Rushdie

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The Timing Behind the Atttack on Salman Rushdie

Pollard is a professional liar. Pollard’s article is full of lies, but even liars have a way of telling the truth in spite of themselves. Thanks to Pollard’s article we now know that the real point of the attack on Rushdie is the looming revival of the nuclear agreement with Iran. Pollard sets the stage for this revelation by creating a chronology of events:

On Monday, the EU put forward what it described as the “final” proposed text of a revived nuclear deal with Iran, a deal which has been under negotiation in Vienna since the arrival of Joe Biden in the Oval Office. On Friday morning, the Iranian state news agency reported that the EU’s proposed text “can be acceptable if it provides assurances” to Tehran over its key demands, quoting a senior Iranian diplomat.

Then he makes this remarkable statement:

“The timing could hardly have been more instructive. Within hours of that report, Sir Salman Rushdie had been brutally attacked by a knife-wielding assailant.”

Pollard’s statement is capable of being interpreted in two ways: one obvious, the other absurd. If he is telling us that the Iranians deliberately sabotaged their own nuclear agreement, the idea is absurd. If he is telling us that he has insider knowledge of Israeli intelligence, that is completely plausible, which means it is also plausible to claim that the Israelis played a role in when the attack happened, as one more attempt at sabotaging peace with Iran. This is precisely what Mohammad Morandi, one of the Iranian officials negotiating the new version of the JCPOA claimed when he reacted to the news of the attack on Rushdie. “I won’t be shedding tears for a writer who spouts endless hatred & contempt for Muslims & Islam. A pawn of empire who poses as a Postcolonial novelist,” Marandi tweeted. “But, isn’t it odd that as we near a potential nuclear deal, the US makes claims about a hit on Bolton… and then this happens?,” he added. Timing played a crucial role in Fahkrizadeh’s assassination as well. According to Robert Malley, who served as an advisor to President Barack Obama on Iran, the assassination of Mohsen Fahkrizadeh “was deliberately timed in order to make Biden’s attempts to negotiate with Iran more difficult.”