Biden’s MAGA Obsession Won’t Help Democrats

Because Joe Biden and democrats act on behalf of the oligarchy instead of the people, they now risk a mid-term election loss. His solution to this political problem is to speak endlessly about Donald Trump and shout the word MAGA at every opportunity.

Biden’s MAGA Obsession Won’t Help Democrats

[09-03-2022] Ukraine admits shelling area around nuclear plant

September 3rd 2022 – The Ukrainian military publicly admitted striking the area around the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant in an official General Staff briefing on Friday. Previously, Kiev had claimed that Russian forces used the plant as a military base; now it says all troops have relocated due to the visit by IAEA inspectors.

Ukraine admits shelling area around nuclear plant

MSN/Agence France-Presse:

Ukraine said on Friday it had bombed a Russian base in the town of Energodar, near the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant which is being assessed by United Nations inspectors because of safety concerns.

Ukraine admits to bombing Russia’s base in Energodar

LEAKED: ‘Bald and Bankrupt’ INTERROGATED by Russian authorities (English subtitles)

Video via MSM Narrative

Apparently, he was arrested, and fined, for trespassing at the Baikonur Cosmodrome [1], in Kazakhstan, which is leased to Russia. Then, he was then arrested and “found guilty of committing an administrative offense under Part 1 of Art. 20.3.3. Code of Administrative Offenses, that is, in discrediting the Russian Armed Forces.” [2]. The first offense seems to have occurred a few months ago. What he says is interesting regarding YouTube, etc.


[1] [05-2022] UK YouTuber Benjamin Rich quizzed and fined at Russian space centre

[2] “Bald and bankrupt” was asked from Russia: scandalous British blogger Benjamin Rich said goodbye (original)

Brighton YouTuber ‘kicked out and banned from Russia’ after being ‘arrested’

U. S. trains Georgian army for new Caucasus conflict

Georgian Ministry of Defense – September 6, 2022

A demonstration exercise of special operations forces was held within the framework of the exercise “Worthy Partner 2022”

Major General Thomas Carden of the National Guard of the US state of Georgia got acquainted with the course of the training together with the leaders of the defense forces. Major General Giorgi Matiashvili hosted the American guest in the headquarters of the Multinational Brigade in the 4th Infantry Brigade.

U. S. trains Georgian army for new Caucasus conflict


The purpose of the exercise, which will involve more than 2.4 thousand military, including from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey and Estonia, is to increase the compatibility of the forces of Georgia, the United States, regional partners and allied countries “to ensure the stability and security of the Black Sea region.”