US partially lifts Iran sanctions to stoke “anti-government protests by providing internet access, the Treasury Department said”

US partially lifts Iran sanctions

Iranian officials have already alleged that forces from “outside the country” are working to stir up unrest over Amini’s death. On the same day that protesters first took to the streets in Iran, China warned fellow members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which Iran joined that day, to beware of foreign-instigated “color revolutions.”

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Millions rally across Iran to condemn violent foreign-backed riots

“The enemy’s recent plot, which is followed by collecting, unifying, organizing and training all the failed and scattered capacities and equipping them with weapons of violence and Daesh-style behavior, is a vain attempt and doomed to failure,” the IRGC said in the Thursday’s statement.

At least 35 people have been killed, including five security personnel, during the “fiery but mostly peaceful” protests (over 60 ambulances have been destroyed). MEK claims that the death toll is 4X more than is being being reported.

On another note, Elon Musk told Augustin Antonelli that he will “save” Cuba, as well. Agus Antonelli is from the right wing think tank, Fundación Libertad. Fundación Libertad is affiliated with the Atlas Network, which has “quietly” received funding from the NED, the State Department, and the USAID.


Fat Leonard: Criminal Responsible for US Navy Corruption Scandal Arrested in Venezuela

This Wednesday, September 21, the Venezuelan authorities arrested Leonard Glenn Francis at the Maiquetía International Airport. Glenn Francis, also known as “Fat Leonard,” was responsible for orchestrating a notorious corruption plot within the United States Navy.

Criminal Responsible for US Navy Corruption Scandal Arrested in Venezuela


‘Fat Leonard’ on the lam: the Navy scandal you never hear about

ClandesTime 234 – Dude Perfect and the US Navy

As youtube has become a centre for emerging pop culture brands, it has also become the target of the US military. In this episode we take a dive into military-sponsored youtube, looking at pop music, influencers and an episode of Dude Perfect set on board a US Navy aircraft carrier.

ClandesTime 234 – Dude Perfect and the US Navy

They even target toddlers! I suppose that’s the type of ‘grooming’ that conservatives would approve of! 🤷🏼‍♀️

18+: “Donbass, 8 years later” (Anne-Laure Bonnel, September 2022) – English Translation

Sep 24, 2022 – WARNING: Strong, haunting images. Just sharing and adding English subtitles. This is Anne-Laure’s latest documentary. The images are mostly from February/March 2022, so there’s nothing very new. But it’s a good recap from what’s being going on since 2014 over there, now that there is a referendum. In the end, what do the people there want? I would think that it doesn’t matter so much if it’s a Russian, DPR or Ukrainian flag, as long as they don’t have to live under perpetual bombings. We can’t pretend that those people were living in peace before 2022, so everything must start from there. May they have peace, and we, too. We don’t need this bad remake of World War II, with soldiers on each side roleplaying Nazis and Soviets, neither we need further destruction in the name of Western democracy, or whatever NATO’s excuse is now. The people living there want peace, and we want it too. Nobody wants WWIII. Thanks. No copyright infringement intended. Anne Laure Bonnel’s official channel is here (French)

“Donbass, 8 years later” (Anne-Laure Bonnel, September 2022) – English Translation via Tom

Anne’s original video in French (description is machine-translated by Google):

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