Germany criticizes U.S. for charging high gas prices

“Some countries, even the friendly ones, are charging astronomical prices in some cases. Of course, this brings problems that we must talk about,” Habeck told the Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung (NOZ) newspaper.

“The United States turned to us when oil prices soared, and the national oil reserves were tapped in Europe as well,” Habeck said. “I think such solidarity would also be good for curbing gas prices.”

Germany criticizes U.S. for charging high gas prices

She’s a Doctor. He Was a Limo Driver. They Pitched a $30 Million Arms Deal.

She’s a Doctor. He Was a Limo Driver. They Pitched a $30 Million Arms Deal.

The Biden administration encourages private sector deals for several reasons. It saves the Pentagon from further depleting its own armory after months of sending arms to Ukraine. And private sellers can provide weapons that the government cannot — like the Soviet-style weapons* already used by Ukrainian soldiers.

Whether the deal goes forward or not, the BMI documents show that the Ukraine war presents an opportunity to charge big prices. The bullets that Mr. Zlatev planned to sell were 50 percent more expensive than those publicly listed by other vendors. His grenade launchers were selling for more than twice what is listed on a price list for United Nations peacekeeping forces. Experts say these increases typically help pay the middlemen — at the expense of a nation in the middle of a war.

*Wonder if they’ll buy these?! 😉

Hold the condescending lectures. Give hurricane aid to everyone in need.

Southwest Florida is filled with Chicagoans. In Naples, Chicago philanthropists such as the late Raymond Lutgert transformed those communities, supporting their museums and galleries. The founding CEO of the Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts was a former Chicago advertising executive. Plenty of real estate developers from this city turned their attention to sunnier climes, later in life.

Hold the condescending lectures. Give hurricane aid to everyone in need.

Biden pardons thousands for ‘simple possession’ of marijuana

Biden pardons thousands for ‘simple possession’ of marijuana

According to the White House, no one is currently in federal prison solely for “simple possession” of the drug, but the pardon could help thousands overcome obstacles to renting a home or finding a job.

It remains to be seen whether governors follow Biden’s lead. Erik Altieri, executive director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, said extending the action to states could help millions of Americans.



While District of Columbia residents have passed Initiative 71 legalizing the possession and home cultivation of marijuana for personal use under DC law, those provisions only apply when one is on DC property; not federal property. (Federal land comprises 18 square miles within the District of Columbia.)

If no one is in prison, for federal possession, then this is basically a nothingburger! It doesn’t mean that Governors will do the same, as he is only encouraging them to! Democrats will make a big deal, out of it, while Republicans will freak out!