U.S. Navy Jet Flew Across Baltic Hours After Nord Stream Burst


OSLO/PARIS/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. Navy reconnaissance aircraft flew near the site of the ruptured Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea hours after the first damage emerged, according to tracking reviewed by Reuters, a flight Washington said was routine.

U.S. Navy Jet Flew Across Baltic Hours After Nord Stream Burst



“A criminal always returns to the scene of crime.” – Unknown


Ukraine Passes 2023 Budget in Secret, Expects US To Cover Deficit

Ukraine Passes 2023 Budget in Secret, Expects US To Cover Deficit

Last month, Ukraine’s Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal noted the government expected a $38 billion deficit. He said the US would provide $18 billion and the European Union and International Monetary Fund would combine to give $12 billion.

Over the past seven months, the White House has spent nearly $70 billion on the war in Ukraine. The US spending on the war includes direct assistance to fund the government in Kiev and weapons transfers.

Western aid to Ukraine is announced almost daily. On Thursday, USAID announced $55 million in assistance for Kiev. On Friday, The IMF approved $1.3 billion in additional emergency funding for Ukraine.

The Truth Behind The OPEC Cuts – It’s All About The Dollar!

Oct 8, 2022 – OPEC plus has cut oil production and the United States is panicking. But the real worry isn’t about higher oil prices, it’s really about the future of the US dollar. The real fate of the US dollar lies with Saudi Arabia. Here’s what you must know about the Petrodollar. You must watch this carefully.

The Truth Behind The OPEC Cuts – It’s All About The Dollar! via Sean Foo

Кот Мостик to the rescue: Motor traffic resumed on Crimea bridge

Mostik announced that he’s fixed the Crimean Bridge!

Кот Мостик

I’m with good news!

The first cars have already driven along the Crimean Bridge.

You can travel by car or bus in both directions. While one lane is working – the reverse.

Soon trains will pass under the snow-white arch. Trains from Sevastopol and Simferopol went on schedule.

My bridge holds the shores tightly!

Кот Мостик


Motor traffic resumed on Crimea bridge

A train with 15 cars successfully passed along the railway part of the Crimean bridge

Crimean Bridge Opened For Cars. Official Reason Of Explosion Aroused Suspicions

Terrorists’ attack Crimean Bridge

Brazilian Anarchist expert reveals Social War behind key Lula / Bolsonaro Vote

Brazilian Anarchist expert reveals Social War behind key Lula / Bolsonaro Vote

Despite the glowing picture that progressives and social democrats paint of Lula, it was under the PT (Worker’s Party) that Brazil’s government made its turn toward austerity. Given that this will likely be a second term in office for him, how effective do you think left organizations and movements will be at wringing concessions from a Lula-led PT government?

Ukraine SitRep – Recent Incidents Of Concern For All Sides


Yesterday saw two significant developments or incidents with regard to the conflict in Ukraine.

Ukraine SitRep – Recent Incidents Of Concern For All Sides (18+)


Ukrainian forces report Starlink outages during push against Russia (archived, as original is behind paywall)

18+: Daily pictures : the final moments of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine:

Several distinct characters appear in the pictures. Some were displaying foreign badges, US, British, German or Polish ones. Bezsonov reports that foreign mercenaries [or also special operations forces (SOF) from the West, possibly decommissioned in the context ?] were involved in this Ukrainian recce formation. During fighting, they were bearing the blue armband of the Ukrainian national guard, not the yellow one of the regular army

Terrorists’ attack Crimean Bridge

A truck bomb exploded “just as a train loaded with fuel was travelling nearby”, three people reportedly killed with two cars underwater. An unnamed source claims that the Security Service of Ukraine is behind the terrorist attack. On the 6th, UK’s Evening Standard reported that “US officials say reclaiming Crimea is now within its grasp”.

Video via MY WAR (More pictures and videos at SouthFront)

Russia’s Anti-Terrorism Committee: explosion of truck occurs on Kerch Bridge in Crimea (original)


Video: Impact of Crimea Bridge Attack & Ukraine’s Next Likely Offensive

Video: Crimean Chief Aksyonovs statement (Telegram)

From SouthFront’s Telegram: “Video of the truck that allegedly blew up on the Crimean bridge. It was checked at the traffic police checkpoint, but apparently nothing suspicious was found.”

Putin was informed about the emergency on the Crimean bridge

Some notes from Colonel Cassad

A senior Ukrainian military official did not deny that Ukrainian forces were behind the attack but would not confirm it.

New York Times

Disgusting reactions:

“This is how you understand who we are dealing with.” – In Kiev, the joy of sabotage

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