Are Biden & Putin ACTUALLY Talking???

Nov 9, 2022 – It’s been firmly established in the American media and by countless blue checks on Twitter that negotiation of ANY KIND with Putin’s Russia is unacceptable, appeasement and a betrayal of the Ukrainian people. Just ask the House progressives who were widely excoriated for penning a mildly-worded letter to the White House advocating diplomacy with Russia. Except now it turns out, according to a Wall Street Journal article, that White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is, in fact, engaging in diplomacy with his Russian counterparts.

Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss whether it’s a good idea for competing nuclear powers to discuss ways to avoid World War III.

Are Biden & Putin ACTUALLY Talking???

A Bottomless Pinocchio for Biden — and other recent gaffes

President Biden is a self-described “gaffe machine.” That’s no excuse, of course, for a president making false or misleading statements. Readers have asked for fact checks of a variety of recent Biden statements, but none of them seemed big enough for a stand-alone fact check. So here’s a roundup of some of the president’s recent errors of fact, made as he has barnstormed the country boosting Democrats and raising contributions in advance of the midterm elections. We generally do not award Pinocchios for roundups like this — but for reasons that will become clear, we need to make an exception for the first one.

A Bottomless Pinocchio for Biden — and other recent gaffes (archived)

Pentagon exploits post 9/11 laws to wage ‘secret wars’ worldwide: Report

Pentagon exploits post 9/11 laws to wage ‘secret wars’ worldwide: Report

The report comes at a time when the US army and its proxy militias are accused of illegally occupying vast regions of Syria and Yemen, looting oil from the war-torn countries, just over a year after their brutal occupation of Afghanistan ended. Moreover, a former US official on Tuesday revealed that anti-Iran militias are being armed in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR), where both the CIA and the Mossad are known to operate.

Who is Chrystia Freeland, Washington’s “prime candidate” for NATO Secretary-General?

The New York Times recently reported that Washington is promoting Canada’s deputy prime minister, Chrystia Freeland, as its “prime candidate” to succeed Jens Stoltenberg as NATO secretary-general when the Norwegian’s term expires in September 2023.

Who is Chrystia Freeland, Washington’s “prime candidate” for NATO Secretary-General?


Canadian Foreign Minister Scapegoats Russian Hackers for Exposing Nazi Grandfather

Seems appropriate to me, considering that there have been Nazis in the NATO leadership, previously.

Pentagon, NATO expand military dominance in Africa

Tunisia, Mauritania and Algeria have been members of NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue military partnership since 1994. No sooner did the Soviet Union dissolve in 1991 than the U.S. moved to expand NATO globally, including forging individual partnerships with the fifteen new nations emerging from the former USSR, three of whom (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) were brought into NATO in 2004.
Chad and Niger have hosted multinational military forces from several NATO nations in recent years; Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria are increasingly participating in Africa Command/NATO exercises, including Senegal in the 2021 (last held) U.S./NATO Sea Breeze war games in Ukraine and the Black Sea. Libya was bombed by NATO for over six months in 2011 and immediately afterward was touted as a prospective member of the Mediterranean Dialogue. It’s now effectively under military occupation by NATO powerhouse Turkey.
U.S. Africa Command and NATO, essentially coterminous, have effected the military integration of most all nations on the continent under mechanisms such as the African Standby Force and the Africa Partnership Station and regular military exercises like African Lion, Operation Flintlock, Obangame Express and Phoenix Express. The NATO Response Force was inaugurated in 2006 with massive military drills in the African nation of Cabo Verde.

Pentagon, NATO expand military dominance in Africa

For now, it’s over: Personal Post

The nurse practitioner said not to test, again, even after I asked how could I tell if I got Paxlovid rebound?! The whole rebound thing confuses me. Depending on what source you use chances are anywhere from 1% to 30% (a recent study claims that even those who aren’t treated with antivirals can rebound). Crossing my fingers, and knocking on wood, that I don’t! At least, the Paxlovid side effects aren’t that bad! The ‘Paxlovid Mouth’ (metallic aftertaste) isn’t as awful as I had imagined. Food still tastes the same (I’m not really hungry, anyway) and I still have my sense of smell. One good thing (or another) is that Paxlovid has just recently been found to reduce the risk of Long Covid. Anyway, if I’m not posting here, I’m probably sleeping.


If I’m not around for a while…some personal information inside.