Personal Post: LMAO…Okay, Fakebook!

I’m in Fakebook jail for posting the above quote because it apparently glorifies a dangerous individual and/or organization. I suppose if it was from Stepan Bandera it would have been alright! 🙄

Just when this was in my memories from 2020…lol.

Earlier, I got a warning from YouTube for an old cat video. It was a cat that was supposedly chewing on a marijuana leaf. I say supposedly because the cat didn’t ingest it, at least not in the video. The first scene was of the cat licking it, then about to chomp down, and suddenly it cut to the cat acting crazy as if he’d just ate catnip. YouTube claims that I intentionally harmed the cat and that it was violence. I figure that some troll reported it as it’s been up for years for adults only! I ended up making all of my videos, private, because there are some videos of my cat eating catnip and someone might find it violent considering how he reacts to eating catnip! 😂


3 thoughts on “Personal Post: LMAO…Okay, Fakebook!

  1. Never fails that someone doesn’t like another YouTuber’s video, that I comment on, then they go to my channel to make some troll comments. I had one account deleted because I reported multiple death threats so I had turned my comments off on this backup channel.

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