NATO countries’ silence on Novoaidar strike proves their involvement

NATO countries’ silence on Novoaidar strike proves their involvement

The deliberate attack at an operating medical facility and targeted killing of civilians is “grave war crime by the Kiev regime and its western colleagues,” Russian diplomats said. “A lack of reaction from the USA and other NATO countries to this horrible trampling of international humanitarian law by Kiev is another proof of their direct involvement in the conflict and crimes which are being committed.”

In so doing, they are demonstrating a double standards policy. “The West, together with Kiev, got hysterical in connection with the provocative fake “crimes” of the Russian army in Bucha and Irpen which had never really happened, but keep turning a blind eye to outrages and barbaric actions by the Nazi Kiev regime which kills civilians with American, British, French and German weapons. They dash around with the ideas to set up an illegitimate “tribunal” against Russia, but say nothing about the trial of the Ukrainian leadership and military for their obvious daily crimes. The clumsy tactic is an apparent attempt to divert attention from one’s responsibility for their perpetration.


Russia Accuses Ukraine of Killing 14 in Hospital Strike Using US-Provided HIMARS

In August 2022, a Ukrainian intelligence official said that Kyiv had to consult with US officials before launching HIMARS strikes and that the US has veto power over the attacks. “So it makes the US directly complicit. US taxpayers should be aware of how their money is used,” Polyansky added.


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