Mystery Over Missing Sidewinder Missile That Failed to Shoot Down UFO

Mystery Over Missing Sidewinder Missile That Failed to Shoot Down UFO

But the F-16 jet tasked with shooting the object over Lake Huron on Sunday “missed on its first attempt,” according to Fox News correspondent Lucas Tomlinson.

Citing U.S. officials, Tomlinson wrote on Twitter that a second Sidewinder air-to-air missile was required, and it is “not clear where the first missile landed.”

A Defense Department spokesperson told Newsweek they were “certainly aware of the reporting on this,” but did not have any other details they could provide at this time. [Yet Kirby ‘can’t’ confirm that it happened]

“The warhead is relatively small, as is the missile, limiting potential damage if it misses or something goes wrong,” [Jodi] Vittori previously told Newsweek.

National Security Council spokesperson, John Kirby, said on Monday that the objects downed in Alaska and Canada “are in remote and wintry terrain,” with the object over Michigan likely to be “in very deep water in Lake Huron.” This makes salvage operations more difficult, he added.

Thanks to Dave DeCamp for this find! FYI, according to Wikipedia, the Sidewinder is almost 10 feet long, 5 inches wide, and 188 pounds. The warhead, itself, is 20.8 pounds. They’re shooting down these unidentified objects, all willy nilly, but I’m not supposed to be concerned about a missing missle?! Sorry, not sorry, this one hit too close to home! Time to look for more memes, I guess! 😅


Jet that shot down unidentified object over Lake Huron took off from Madison (missing missile was noticed when the F-16s landed back in Wisconsin)

Home to the 115th Fighter Wing, Madison’s Truax Field is currently in between combat aircraft after the last of the Wisconsin Air National Guard’s F-16 fighter left Madison in October to prepare for its next mission, flying a newer generation of F-35 jets.

Pilots from other units around the country are still flying F-16s out of Madison, however, in support of the Guard’s homeland defense mission while the unit gets ready for the new jets.

Via Instagram @Badger_Wings

Civilian aviation photographers captured images of two of the jets returning to Madison Sunday evening, each with one AIM-9X Sidewinder missile missing from one of its underwing docks, suggesting at least two missiles were fired on the mission.


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