Lockheed’s HIMARS plant gearing up to meet demand after Ukraine ‘success’

Lockheed’s HIMARS plant gearing up to meet demand after Ukraine success

On an earnings call with investors Lockheed’s CEO said “on HIMARS specifically, we’ve already met with our long lead supply chain to plan for increasing production to 96 of these units a year.” Lockheed started 2022 with a HIMARS launcher production rate of 48, but has since ramped up to 60 year.

Amazed that they make them, manually! No wonder they only make 60 a year! I used to work in automotive manufacturing and we made more than 96 per day! Lots of automation and air-powered tools were involved!


India: legal proceedings against British communications network unveils geopolitical positions

On February 14, Indian authorities carried out a procedure at the headquarters of the British broadcaster BBC in New Delhi. The operation is part of a tax audit, however it came after the publication of a documentary in which the BBC gave a biased treatment of the 2002 religious clashes in Gujarat, western India. On a geopolitical level this and other events reveal how different governments move their pieces in the global chess game, in what could be strange two-handed moves.

India: legal proceedings against British communications network unveils geopolitical positions

The Red Scare 2.0: Russophobia in America Today


I have been wrestling with the issue of Russophobia in the United States for some time now. As someone who cut his academic teeth studying Russian history in college, and who, at an early stage in my development as an adult had the opportunity to live and work in Russia during the Soviet era, I have a deep, yet admittedly incomplete, appreciation for Russian culture, language and history. This appreciation has empowered me to make informed judgments about Russia, its political leadership, and its people, especially when assessing the interactions between Russia and the United States today.

The Red Scare 2.0: Russophobia in America Today


Russophobia as a malignant tumor in the United States

Ukraine Accuses NBC News of Illegal Filming in Crimea, Journalist Added to Notorious ‘Kill List’

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Ukraine has accused NBC News of violating its law after the US broadcaster had its crew cross into the Crimea peninsula from mainland Russia.

“Attending Crimea from the territory of Russia is a violation of the legislation of Ukraine, for which responsibility is provided – in particular, foreigners are also prohibited from entering for such actions. We are very much concerned about the tv plot of @NBCNews,” Ukrainian Minister of Culture and Information Policy Oleksandr Tkachenko tweeted on Wednesday.

Moreover, Keir Simmons, the journalist behind the report, has been added to the notorious Ukrainian “kill list,” the Mirotvorets website. He was accused of entering the Crimean peninsula through mainland Russia and “participating in propaganda activities against Ukraine.”

On Tuesday, NBC News broadcast a report from Crimea where Simmons traveled on train from mainland Russia via the landmark bridge damaged by a deadly blast last October that was orchestrated by Ukrainian special services. The bridge has since been repaired. The reporter interviewed local people on camera who turned out overwhelmingly in support of their 2014 accession to Russia.

The spokesman for Ukraine’s foreign ministry said that Ukraine was investigating the circumstances of the NBC News reporter’s visit to Crimea and that he might end up prohibited from entering Ukrainian territory.

Ukraine Accuses NBC News of Illegal Filming in Crimea, Journalist Added to Notorious ‘Kill List’


A view from Crimea, the Russian-annexed territory Ukraine is hoping to seize back