What Is France Hiding in the Sahel?

BAMAKO, MALI — On the 8th of October, Choguel Maïga, the prime minister of Mali, boldly informed the world that its former colonial power, France, was sponsoring terrorists in the country’s northern region. Standing before dozens of cameras and microphones, he provided details on how the French army had established an enclave in the northern town of Tidal and handed it over to well-known terrorist groups. The revelation was shocking not simply for the serious nature of the accusation but because in past times West African leaders have rarely sparred so openly with the French government. A chain of events simmering in the background for weeks triggered the latest spat.

What Is France Hiding in the Sahel?


Malians protest French military presence, call for troops withdrawal

US Eyes January Roll- out of “First” Project to Counter China’s Belt and Road- Build Back Better

I’ve felt the birth pangs scenario was most likely the groundwork being laid for these pending projects.. (wrote about this at my prior site)

And Build Back Better, unsurprisingly, beside bringing in the technocratic tyranny looks to be a means to wage warfare by other means. Not a shocker because in many ways the Covid Con looked to be a way to target China, possibly, one China perceived as a bio weapons attack ? It’s can’t be ruled out.

US Eyes January Roll- out of “First” Project to Counter China’s Belt and Road- Build Back Better


China Moves Onto USA’s Doorstep by Signing Up Cuba to Belt & Road.