Russia May Close Air Routes to Asia If EU Introduces Sanctions Against Aeroflot – Expert

Russia May Close Air Routes to Asia If EU Introduces Sanctions Against Aeroflot – Expert

“I do not believe this accusation against Aeroflot at all. It is not coming from the European Union but from Bloomberg and really smells like fake news,” Xavier Moreau, an expert of geopolitics with the StratPol think tank, told Sputnik on Thursday.

“The answer of Moscow would immediately be to cut all trans-Siberian air routes for European airlines to Asia, and that would really hurt Europe, which needs these direct transit routes. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has spoken of fake news and hoax. I think he is right in this instance,” Moreau said.

Black Box East: The role of “the East” in the West’s radical imagination

Black Box East: The role of “the East” in the West’s radical imagination

Now, the third itinerary is one of romanticism. When the cultural revolution took place in China, European Marxists who felt that the Soviet Union was too boring or gray began to fantasize. You get all these books exaggerating what’s happening in China based on a very little understanding. There is a story from the late 1960s that Ho Chi Minh met an Italian Communist Party delegation. They’re sitting in his secret house, a very modest place; he’s sitting there, characteristically, with a cigarette in his hand and the Italians ask him how they can help Vietnam, a very honest and sincere question as there are American planes above bombing the crap out of Vietnam. But Ho Chi Minh doesn’t say: send us this or that; he says “go home and make a revolution.” He’s saying: sure, we need solidarity, we need tons of it, but we don’t need romanticism. We are making our revolution. We are going to die and sacrifice and yes, we need you out there fighting against the lies that they tell about us. But go home make your revolution. What’s the point of fantasizing about Cuba? Cuba of course needs solidarity today more than ever. Venezuela needs solidarity today more than ever. But go home and make your revolution.

Laos: From Landlocked to High-Speed Rail-Linked

October 19, 2021 (Brian Berletic – NEO) – For anyone who travelled through the rugged landlocked Southeast Asian country of Laos years ago, they will remember the twisting mountain roads and the many days by bus it would take to traverse the terrain from China’s border with Laos at Boten to the Laotian capital of Vietniane across the Mekong River from Thailand’s city of Nong Khai.

Laos: From Landlocked to High-Speed Rail-Linked