Biden’s ex-disinfo czar registers as foreign agent


The former disinformation czar for President Joe Biden’s administration has apparently landed on her feet after resigning amid controversy earlier this year. She has registered as a foreign agent representing a UK activist group that advocates for censorship of speech it finds objectionable.

Biden’s ex-disinfo czar registers as foreign agent

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Who Runs Britain’s ‘Centre for Information Resilience,’ Employer of Disinformation Czarina Jankowicz?

Intelligence operative confirms British gov’t is targeting The Grayzone


Ukraine: A War To Save The Rules-Based International Order?

Washington’s Fraudulent, Rules-Based International Order: Among the many deceptive arguments that Joe Biden’s administration has made about the Ukraine war is that Russia’s invasion is an attack of unprecedented severity on the liberal, “rules-based international order” established at the end of World War II. That allegation has been a constant theme of administration officials and their allies in the news media and the foreign policy blob. Proponents argue that the war is a global existential struggle between order and chaos, free societies and unprincipled aggressors. Biden has stated the thesis succinctly that the Ukraine war is nothing less than “a battle between democracy and autocracy, between liberty and repression, between a rules‐based order and one governed by brute force.”

Ukraine: A War To Save The Rules-Based International Order?

Kucinich Says Call for Diplomacy to End Ukraine-Russia War Must be Heard; Silencing of Congressional Progressive Caucus Casts Dems as the “War Party”

Dandelion Salad | Republished with permission from David Swanson at World Beyond War by Dennis Kucinich

CLEVELAND (Oct. 26) Weds — Dennis J. Kucinich, former Congressman and former Democratic Presidential candidate today called upon Congressional Democrats to “rethink their opposition to diplomacy” as a means to end the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Kucinich Says Call for Diplomacy to End Ukraine-Russia War Must be Heard; Silencing of Congressional Progressive Caucus Casts Dems as the “War Party”

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Email Congress and White House: We Demand Restraint, Diplomacy, and Negotiations

Pro-Ukrainian NAFO troll chief outed as ‘Nazi’

In recent weeks there has been a flurry of articles celebrating Twitter’s mostly anonymous “internet army” called NAFO, or the North Atlantic Fellas Organization. This “social media movement” of dogmatic pro-Ukraine keyboard warriors with customized Shiba Inu avatars is all about ridiculing, gaslighting, and piling on those labeled by the “fellas” as enemy combatants in their information war with Russia, which many have assumed that NAFO is helping Ukraine to win. But it’s increasingly obvious that is not necessarily the case.

Ukes, Kooks & Spooks: #NAFO


Pro-Ukrainian NAFO troll chief outed as ‘Nazi’

Jason Jay Smart also worked with Cambridge Analytica.

Contracted by Cambridge Analytica (a sister company of the SCL Group), to advise on how to most effectively use “big data” analytics and digital outreach on the Presidential campaign of a US Senator. The innovative application of this new science has revolutionized modern American and international political campaigns.

Jason Jay Smart – About

West Caught Meddling in Bosnia Election

Oct 12, 2022 – Who is helping Bosnia recount the votes of their Presidential election? It turns out that the UK and NATO are helping with this recount even though the law in Bosnia does not allow this. So why do some countries get a vote recount and others do not? Who has something to gain here? We speak to Bosnian independent journalist Alexsandar Pavic to break this down.

West caught MEDDLING in Bosnia election, recount in doubt | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris via Redacted


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Serbian Analyst: How war in Ukraine resembles past conflict in Yugoslavia

Interview by Adriel Kasonta, Asia Times, 9/24/22

Dragana Trifković is the general director of the Center for Geostrategic Studies in Belgrade, Serbia.

On September 8, a session was held in the UN Security Council on the topic of arms delivery to Ukraine by the West.

In the introductory part of the session, Trifković spoke about the weapons that were delivered to the battlefield during the war in Yugoslavia, comparing it to the current situation in Ukraine.

In the following interview, Trifković elaborates on that point for Asia Times.

Serbian Analyst: How war in Ukraine resembles past conflict in Yugoslavia

The Great Game in Ukraine is Spinning Out of Control

Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski famously described Ukraine as a “geopolitical pivot” of Eurasia, central to both US and Russian power. Since Russia views its vital security interests to be at stake in the current conflict, the war in Ukraine is rapidly escalating to a nuclear showdown. It’s urgent for both the US and Russia to exercise restraint before disaster hits.

The Great Game in Ukraine is Spinning Out of Control